You may have noticed that it has been quiet over here on the blog. Over the last few months I have taken some time to make a business shift that I am head over heels excited about.  Soon you will see a brand new website with an unseen portfolio of work showcasing Film Photography in a style that focuses more on portraits that authentically tell your family’s story.

Why the shift?

About a year ago I started to feel a little “blah” when it came to my work. I found that I wanted pictures that were more intimate, capturing more of our relationship with our kids and spouses.  I was tired of everyone standing side by side and smiling, I wanted my images to actually help you remember just how in love you are with your family.

The other day my baby girl snuggled in with her cheek pressed against my chest, thumb in her mouth and with her chubby little fingers she clenched onto my shirt. I wished someone was there to take the picture…just minus the messy bun and worn t-shirt with a spit up stain.

This is one of the moments I want to capture- moments soaked with love. I want my pictures to whisper or shout, “I LOVE YOU!”

Lichoulas Family Spring 2016-64

The second part of my journey involves a shift in mediums.

For the last few months I have been shooting film behind the scenes and I am absolutely in love with the results. There is just something about film that my digital photographs can’t beat. I love the way film captures color, painting each hue in what looks like watercolor paint. Film beautifully softens skin tones giving you smooth creamy skin. A little bit of grain, shallow depth of field and movement in the images add an elegant and timelessly artistic feel is created.

So here I go on a new journey- capturing love soaked images in the medium of film.

The website and blog are getting way more than a facelift in the coming weeks.  I can’t wait to show you just how beautiful film is!

So stay tuned… launch day is coming!

Lichoulas Family Spring 2016-33

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I have two big announcements coming, but lets start with the biggest one…We are moving.

Come the end of July we will be moving to Northern California!

We will definitely miss the city of Boston and the people we have met, but our hearts are overjoyed as we await our next adventure on the West Coast.

Thank you to all the families that have let me into some of the most special times of your lives. I will miss watching your little ones grow. Many many blessings to you all!!

And you can follow us on Instagram as we road trip to the West Coast!! It’s going to be crazy and so much fun!Lichoulas-Family-Spring-2016-78


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photo credit Yan Palmer

From my business to our family, he is the one that holds everything and us as a family all together.

When I was sick in bed for 3 months with Mackenzie, he was the one who ran me to the Dr. and hospital multiple times each week, administered IV’s, cared for our energizer bunny 1 year old, went to work like normal but then worked after all were asleep into the early morning, grocery shopped at all hours of the night in search of something I could keep down (almost daily), cleaned up more mommy and toddler throw up than a person should ever have to in a lifetime, took Sammy on adventures when sitting on the couch at home was easy and excusable, remained strong in spirit when I was sick and in a season of hopelessness. 

He is the one who holds my business together. I am a creative and that is where I thrive…Excel makes my head spin, marketing puts me to sleep, and developing plans and business strategies are not exactly at the top of “my” to do list, but that is where he rescues me.


He is the one that brings vision and life to our family. I want to mimic his bravery and grow closer to the Jesus he so passionately draws near to.


He is the reason my dreams are gigantic.


He is reason I laugh more than the average adult.


It’s not our anniversary or his birthday…just an average day that I want to say thank you to the love of my life that holds us together behind the scenes with a heart bigger than anyone I have ever met.PLUMMER-174

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Newborn Photography tips for photographers that are not yet a mom/dad by Boston Newborn Photographer Cassandra Plummer, www.cassandraplummer.comIf you are a newborn photographer and not yet a mom/dad, there are a few things you may want to know about the postpartum mom during those first two weeks (when you photograph their little one).  Don’t worry I won’t go into too much detail :) You can ask google if you are curious for more.

  1. Mom overheats easily-  So those heaters you have running to help baby sleep through the session and stay extra warm are going to make mom possibly feel sick.  A few tips:
    1. If you are sweating, it is probably a little too hot. Just bump up the heat or run your space heater to make it cozy…not unbreathable.
    2. Ask mom how she is doing with the heat.  Does she need to take a break or get some fresh air.
    3. Warm up your hands to move the baby instead of making the room a blasting 90 degrees.
  2. Mom is sore- she obviously just delivered a baby. That means possible tearing, bruising, etc.  Even in very smooth deliveries mom will still find herself feeling extremely sore. So don’t ask her to climb all over the place.  She is just working on slowly walking and SLOWLY getting herself in and out of bed without pain.
  3. Mom is bleeding- She will be losing a lot of blood within those first days and the following
    two weeks. If she moves around too much she will feel not only more soreness, but will experience more blood loss which is not a good idea. Don’t panic.  Just ask her how she is doing as you move her slowly around the room. Don’t have her do a lot of stairs- 1 flight of stairs is a good rule of thumb.  Don’t have her stand for a VERY long time. Don’t have her truck out on a long walk to some gorgeous location.
  4. Mom (and dad) are tired- so do your job well, but try to shoot quickly.  You don’t need 20 images of one pose.  Set up the shot, take a picture or two and move on.  I like coming in with a game plan.  Even if it changes, it helps me keep the session as short as possible. Do be creative, but be mindful that they are running on very little sleep and would LOVE a nap.
  5. Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding
    1.  You may have read the tip that baby should be fed just prior to you arriving.  The problem with giving your client that task is that newborn babies eat whenever they want.  They are on no schedule.  They need to be fed right when they are hungry and so stretching them this way or that is really difficult and not great for mom/dad or baby.  It also creates some stress to try to get the baby to eat as close as possible to the session. So here are some tips/thoughts:
      1. Let the baby feed whenever they want prior and during your session- tell mom it is okay if it takes 30 minutes to feed her baby.  This is when you can capture nursery details or the baby’s sibling.
      2. Top off the baby- an extra feed of milk typically makes a baby extra sleepy. You can do this right as you arrive. It will give you time to scope out the location and plan out your session. Newborns are almost
        always hungry.
      3. If though they are not hungry and awake no matter what- just work with an awake baby.  They 99% of the time will fall asleep at some point.
    2. Feeding the baby may take 30-40 minutes- both mom and baby are figuring out how to feed and eat. It takes a little while.
  6. Mom is hungry- feeding a baby burns a lot of calories. Let her go get a snack or lunch.

My overall last tip is to keep an eye on how mom/dad are doing. Ask them. Be flexible. Be calm no matter what and you will offer to them not only beautiful pictures but a great experience.


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It’s my favorite time of day…Sammy waddles into the room with her diaper sagging to her knees.  She grips onto the side of the covers and struggles to the top.  Climbing over our limbs she nestles her way in-between us, lays on her back and says “moo-noot” (her word for music).

As soon as she hears Kenzie, she hops up, belly-slides out of bed, and races down the hall to the crib.

All four of us make our way back to the covers. Mackenzie is grinning from ear to ear and slapping her feet against the sheets.  Sammy is giving her kiss upon kiss and says, “Hi Kenzie! I wuv you Kenzie!”

Its by far the sweetest and I will never grow old of the morning.
Every morning Sammy will hear… ” Ok, Sammy give her a break” as she is smothering Kenzie, or ” Sammy, don’t put her fingers in your mouth.”

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