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Out in the snow…

The day before Thanksgiving Sammy went sledding for the first time at Grammy and Poppy’s house, ate a good 5 servings at least of snow, and built her first snowman.  At first she wasn’t so sure of the cold stuff hitting her face and kept reaching and saying up.  But as soon as daddy started […]

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Sammy goes to the MFA

Sammy wiggled to get down from my arms as we walked into the first room of the Massachusetts Fine Art Museum.  She walked right over to a huge sculpture, stopped just a few feet away… looked up, dropped open her mouth and let out an exagerated. ” Ooooh!” (which sounds a lot like a long drawn […]

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Sammy Moments…

-I have no idea where she got the idea…but lately when we go on a walk, Sammy will stick her finger into the leaves, into our neighbors flower bed, into the grass… swirl her finger around a few times and then stick her finger in her mouth to quickly lick it off.  I know… gross, […]

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Mommy daughter lunch date

Yesterday we had a little Mommy daughter lunch date.  And it was delicious! We stopped at a little place called Vicki Lee’s  and ordered the bacon gruyere quiche with fruit.  Sammy thought it was pretty awesome not having to sit in a highchair.  I thought it was just a little challenging as she stood up […]

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My little ducky for a day

At first Sammy thought her Halloween outfit was fascinating…especially the tights.  But then I zipped it up and all she wanted was out.  She pulled and tugged at the bubble butt, the cutest part of every baby costume.  I was able to distract her, for the most part with her tiny trick or treat pail […]

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