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Mackenzie’s Birth Story

I had already had false labor at least 5 times, so when contractions started at 1:00am I just decided to go back to sleep.  Every 10-12 minutes I awoke breathed through a contraction and fell back asleep. My body was so tired from now two weeks of on and off labor.  So falling back asleep was easy. […]

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Meet Mackenzie

Mackenzie arrived with record speed on August 6th and took us and I think the doctors all by surprise…but I will tell you more about that next week! I’m writing today to say a quick hello, dust off the cobwebs here, and introduce you to my little Mackenzie.  Mackenzie is now 3 months old. So […]

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Just You and Me

photo credit Yan Palmer As I start my maternity leave, I am trying to soak up every moment with my first daughter before the baby comes.  We are tangled on the couch reading Curious George after nap, running through every splash pad in Boston, exploring the bakeries (my sweet tooth has come alive), and meandering down the […]

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Strawberry Picking

I looked up from picking my first handful of strawberries and glanced over at Sammy… her face was already completely stained with red juice, her chin dripped onto her overalls, and the over flow of juice in her hands was running down towards her elbows.  She was crouched down next to a bush pounding every […]

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