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A Day in Michigan | Part 2…the Beach

This is Ro Ro ( Roland)  Sammy’s cousin…just say AWE! And this is her other cousin, Sammy followed Niles around the entire vacation.  I think if we were together another week, she would have started walking so she could be just like Niles. Attack of the waves!!!When Sammy wasn’t eating sand or knocking down all of […]

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A Day in Michigan

I love living in Boston, but we live far from all of our family…especially my parents and siblings. It had been 8 months since we had last seen Nana, Pop pop! For weeks my heart went pitter patter every time I thought about going…and now it just aches knowing we probably won’t see them again […]

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Visiting our favorite spot in Boston | Castle Island

Overlooking the Bay.  I said to myself, ” Today is a good day.” Yesterday, Sammy and I sat on the hill at Castle Island and watched the boats go by.  She crawled through the grass and sat a good distance away where she looked out over the ocean for the longest time.  It is always […]

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Our Trip to San Francisco

We started our day very early, as we were still on Eastern time, and climbed up to the top of the city just after sunrise.  Looking out this is what we saw… After some excursions around town we drove to the bridge where we hiked along the water.  Most people choose to cross the bridge […]

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