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Our Happy Little Eater

She likes flavor. If Sammy could talk she would say, “Mommy please don’t give me plain broccoli.  Put some spice on top-maybe some oregano and you can sautee it in some garlic and onion.  And for dessert please top my sautéed fruit with cinnamon.” *And I think it would come out in a french accent […]

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Visiting the Redwoods

During our vacation in California, we ventured off route through a redwood forest.  I don’t think the word big even describes the trees. I think I might just let the pictures speak for themselves… I love looking back at Sammy’s lone top tooth!  Ha, she looks like the cutest pirate ever…just needs an eye patch. […]

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Hiking with a baby

Matt and I love hiking and I was over the moon excited to take Sammy on our first family hiking trip!!! I have to admit though, I was a little concerned how Sammy would react to being strapped down for 4-6 hours in a carrier.  If you have never met Sammy….she is active!  We call […]

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Mama Moment

Things I don’t want to forget… how much she loves to be upside down how she touches her nose to the mirror and gives herself kisses when she races around in her walker at lightning speed bouncing off the walls on purpose…I mean full on wall collisions followed by laughs. the way she buries her […]

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