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Saying Goodbye to Boston

I have two big announcements coming, but lets start with the biggest one…We are moving. Come the end of July we will be moving to Northern California! We will definitely miss the city of Boston and the people we have met, but our hearts are overjoyed as we await our next adventure on the West […]

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He Holds It All Together

From my business to our family, he is the one that holds everything and us as a family all together. When I was sick in bed for 3 months with Mackenzie, he was the one who ran me to the Dr. and hospital multiple times each week, administered IV’s, cared for our energizer bunny 1 […]

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Good morning

It’s my favorite time of day…Sammy waddles into the room with her diaper sagging to her knees.  She grips onto the side of the covers and struggles to the top.  Climbing over our limbs she nestles her way in-between us, lays on her back and says “moo-noot” (her word for music). As soon as she […]

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Being Present

Rushing down the staircase, I paused on the last step.  “Just breath,” were the words that popped into my head.  I inhaled and exhaled…I was back in a peaceful state.  Why was I rushed?  Why was my adrenalin pumping?  I have no idea! It was Saturday morning and I was grabbing my daughter a pair of socks […]

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