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I try to give Matt and Sammy 1 on 1 time after dinner before bedtime since he misses seeing her all day…but sometimes I can’t resist.  I mean who wants to wash dishes or clean up the house when all you hear is Sammy rolling hysterically in laughter. If I do happen to pop my head […]

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Goodnight baby girl I love you…it’s time to go to sleep

I remember that feeling when I said,”good night baby girl, I love you and it’s time to go to sleep,” and closed Sammy’s door.  I didn’t hear a sound…and my heart beat with so much excitement.  “She did it,” I said to Matty, “she did it!” We had worked with Sammy for two tiring weeks […]

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The Cake Smash

The morning of her birthday party, we loaded Sammy with fruit, waffles granola and milk in hopes that when it came time for the “cake smash,” she wouldn’t eat handfuls upon handfuls of cake. I also filled her up in hopes that she would smash it really well Side note: When Sammy is all done […]

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Happy Birthday Sammy

As I lay in bed last night, my mind flashed back to last year to the day… to that moment when I first saw your face.  You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and curled up against my chest, skin to skin…I remember everything stopped.  And I just looked at you. Warmth […]

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A Day in Michigan | Part 2…the Beach

This is Ro Ro ( Roland)  Sammy’s cousin…just say AWE! And this is her other cousin, Sammy followed Niles around the entire vacation.  I think if we were together another week, she would have started walking so she could be just like Niles. Attack of the waves!!!When Sammy wasn’t eating sand or knocking down all of […]

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