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Tips for Newborn Photographers that are not yet a Mom/Dad

If you are a newborn photographer and not yet a mom/dad, there are a few things you may want to know about the postpartum mom during those first two weeks (when you photograph their little one).  Don’t worry I won’t go into too much detail You can ask google if you are curious for more. […]

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Tips for Photographing at the Beach

While it’s a little rainy today, a beautiful beach weekend is on it’s way. So grab your camera and have fun snapping pictures of your little ones using some of my tips for successful beach photography. The Most Flattering Time of Day You may have heard other photographers say the words “golden hours.”  What are […]

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The light meter:How to take a correct exposure | Camera Basics 101

Previously we talked about why turning your camera setting from Auto to Manual is the first step to taking beautiful pictures. And you now know that you need the right combination of three things: aperture, speed, and ISO to take a correct exposure. Can’t remember what those three things are? Just click here.  We will […]

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A beginners guide to using your camera | Camera Basics 101

So you have a DSLR camera, but have never taken it off of that little green box- AUTO ( which honestly means that your pictures are not much better than a tiny point and shoot camera:( ).  So how do you use all of those buttons to take beautiful pictures of your children?  The secret…. […]

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Ooops I forgot to__(blank)__ | Beginning Photography Mistakes

I remember holding my negatives up to the light only to find just a few correct exposures surrounded by completely white and black squares. My professor leaned over my shoulder and said that I forgot to set the correct ISO. Ooops I forgot to __(blank)__ was a common line when I first began using my […]

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