We just walked in the door and only had ten minutes till we had to be at the restaurant.  Matt gave me the look that said,” Cass we don’t have time,” as I ran up the stairs shopping bags in hand yelling down that I would be done in five (which was actually 15).    You see, I am the kind of girl that likes to wear a brand new outfit right away.

This new item; however, is a rule breaker.  I have worn it around the house, but it hasn’t seen the outdoors since its arrival on the Fed-ex truck weeks ago. It has been sitting in my office corner where I admire it from a distance.  Take a look, it’s my new purse/camera bag(thanks mom & dad) …and I think it is pretty good looking.

I know what you are thinking, that is a camera bag?

I can fit my camera gear as well as my fabulous new wallet (thanks grandmom), phone, lip gloss… there are so many pockets.  So, now I have the option of brining my camera without lugging a big black tasteless boxy bag everywhere.

So why hasn’t it seen the light of day… I don’t want to get it dirty.  I mean I can’t set that in a wet grocery cart or on a public bathroom floor!

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“Along with working out, I think we should put ourselves on a sugar diet,” he said.

That is when I cringed. Whhhaatt would that look like???

“I dunno, maybe a sweet every few weeks.”

Every few weeks!

Now, I by no means have a sweet tooth.  I can go with out dessert for a long time.  Love good desserts, but a piece of fruit would suffice (Mom you would still be proud). Cookies, we don’t have them.  Ice cream, hasn’t been seen in our house for months.  But chocolate…..oh no! That is a completely different story.

I think Matt read my mind. The other night he so sweetly brought me home some Dove Dark Chocolate.

Wait.  I thought we were on a sugar diet?

Yup, enjoy …. they are your last pieces for a while.

Gulp. Somebody say a prayer for me.  I ate two pieces just today! I am going to have to come up with a really good health case for chocolate to stay in our diet.

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As I was cleaning up my computer I found some long overdue pictures for a family so far away.  I wonder if this little girl is now speaking Nepali?

And I am sure this little guy has mastered how to skip.  He was determined to learn when we visited back in September.  I am sure he is a great skipper, just like the girl in his book.

A hug is a hug even it is upside down.

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Every year we all pile into cars the day after Christmas and caravan up to the winter wonder land of Smugglers Notch.  Smugglers Notch Resort has been voted the #1 family resort year after year.  My mom cut it out of a Family Fun Magazine 8 years ago.  After our first year, my family loved it so much that my parents bought property right on the ski slope so we would be able to return every year.  It has only grown more fonder as we continually vacation at this ski resort.

Smugglers Notch has created the perfect family atmosphere. Ski School begins at 8:45 and runs till 2:15.  The only requirement is that your children can walk.  My little sister has been skiiing since she was 3!!! There are endless slopes across three mountains. So many that we still haven’t been on them all.

After a hard day of skiing there are indoor and outdoor heated pools.  Yes, you can swim while it is snowing.  There are family fun zones with huge blow up toys and life size games, ice skating, dog sledding, tubing,  Ben and Jerry’s ice cream shops, along with multiple amazing restaurants right within the resort.  Every need is taken care of and the list of things to do goes on and on.  We just returned only a few days ago and I can’t wait to go back next year!

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