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Baby Connor

You just lay in their arms so peacefully as they stroked your nose and rocked you back and forth.  You lay their perfectly still.  Looking out the window your eyelids grew heavy and you drifted off into a deep deep sleep. We moved you here and there capturing every little detail…and throughout it all you hardly moved.  It must have been a great dream or maybe you are just so tired from all of the exciting new things in this world. 


Happy Birthday Sammy


As I lay in bed last night, my mind flashed back to last year to the day… to that moment when I first saw your face.  You were the most beautiful baby I had ever seen and curled up against my chest, skin to skin…I remember everything stopped.  And I just looked at you.

Warmth came over me like I had never felt before…it was the beginning of an unconditional love story between me an you.

The other night you climbed on up and laid your head on my chest.  And I remembered with a tear in my eye the tiny little one you once were.

And while I shed a tear looking at the speed of time, I don’t want to return to last month or the one before (maybe I will one day, but ) right now I am so in love with you…at this moment.  Somehow every day with you is better than the one before.  Somehow you will make me laugh harder tomorrow and love you more than I can possibly fathom the day after.

So I ask, don’t grow to fast, but at the same time…don’t stop because I want to experience all that you will be every day of your life.

Happy 1st Birthday baby girl

With all my love- from the tip of my toes to the top of my head

Your Mama

( Sammy’s new constant fish face…that just makes me smile )


A Day in Michigan | Part 2…the Beach

This is Ro Ro ( Roland)  Sammy’s cousin…just say AWE!

And this is her other cousin, Sammy followed Niles around the entire vacation.  I think if we were together another week, she would have started walking so she could be just like Niles. 
Attack of the waves!!!
When Sammy wasn’t eating sand or knocking down all of the forts…I would catch her looking out over the water.  Sometimes for minutes she would just sit there and gaze.

Family, oh how I miss them…and I think Sammy already does too.

A Day in Michigan

I love living in Boston, but we live far from all of our family…especially my parents and siblings. It had been 8 months since we had last seen Nana, Pop pop! For weeks my heart went pitter patter every time I thought about going…and now it just aches knowing we probably won’t see them again till Christmas.  As I look through the pictures I wish ( as my sister in law always says) that we lived in a village all together.  I know that comes with trials from being so close.  But I would rather grow together than live miles upon miles separated for 99% of the year.  Ugh…homesick.

But last week  everybody went home to Holland Michigan…all 5 siblings and kids (right now we total 14 which is pretty awesome).  We got their first and spent a day with Nana, Pop pop and Aunt Noel at the Farmer’s Market in Holland.  We ate chocolate crinkle cookies larger than my hand, cherries (Michigan has the best juicy cherries)… and lots and lots of samples:)

Noel picked out a staple in the diet… Cinnamon Swirl bread covered in powdered sugar. Um, yeah…it’s good!  
Sammy watching a man make balloon hats and animals…
Matt didn’t want her to crawl and get to close because there were pieces all over the ground….this is Sammy trying to get as close as possible by reaching out her feet.
Picking out some melon for breakfast. Sammy picked a good one.
Not sure what happened here…but it must have been pretty awesome!!
Later that day we went blueberry picking.  I think we all felt a little sick afterwards…  once you started you just couldn’t stop. Sammy helped Nana pick eat the blueberries.
This is Evie, my niece…isn’t she just adorable!!!  Her personality is the best too, love her to pieces…and she adores Sammy which makes my heart melt.
We also stopped at the critter barn…which is a really fun place if your kids like animals. They have bunnies that look like a massive hairball, billy goats that stick out their tongue…and you can pet almost everything.

Sammy didn’t think this was the best idea though.  I think we are going to need to expose our little city girl to some more animals.

This little goat was named Samantha…my little Sammy didn’t care.  She was climbing up us like their was a flood and she needed to get to the highest point as fast as possible.
Yup…her face the entire time.   My solution is that we should get a dog:)  or we could fly to Nana and Pop pop’s more often:)

Part 2 coming soon!