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Our Trip to San Francisco

We started our day very early, as we were still on Eastern time, and climbed up to the top of the city just after sunrise.  Looking out this is what we saw…

After some excursions around town we drove to the bridge where we hiked along the water.  Most people choose to cross the bridge to the other side.  We chose to leave the crowd of tourists and stay along the San Francisco coast where there was a gem of a hiking trail that slowly meandered down to a private beach!  It was stunning!
And here is the part of the story where mommy had a great  idea.  My idea was to walk back along the beach and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge…rather than hike all the way back up the path we came.  And so we began along the water’s edge.  A little while into our walk we passed what looked like some homeless men sitting in teetering rock shelters.  There skin was leathery tan and their beards hung down to their chests which was bare along with everything else (at least so we thought, but they were sitting down and I didn’t bother to confirm our assumption).  A few minutes further, I looked up from the sand to see a stark naked man walking towards us. He was soon followed by another and another and another.  We were in the middle of a nude beach… a very odd one I might add with homeless looking men but also some that looked like they just got off from work and decided to come down for a stroll!!! I am not sure what I looked like…but I am sure it was awkward. We had already walked a good ways and instead of turning around and following their butt cheeks back to where we started we kept going. So I just shuffled along , staring at the sand probably a little red in the face.

We escaped the nude male beach rather quickly…but our adventure didn’t end there.  The tide was slowly coming in and we found ourselves wading into a rocky section of the beach.  During that time, I was carrying Sammy. We both got smacked by a large cold Pacific Ocean wave… that almost took my feet out.  Matt helped us both to a sandier section just a little ways before the Golden Gate.  Here is where my idea completely bombed.

The bridge was completely barb wired off and said in huge red letters. “DO NOT TRESPASS YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED.”  Really not wanting to go back through the nude beach or wade back into the somewhat dangerous waters….we both looked up the mountainous slope.  Matt and I went back and forth on what to do. We ended up agreeing to climb. So Matt took Sammy from me and strapped her in like a koala. He proceeded to climb…she swinging beneath him grabbing onto the passing weeds. I followed…the whole way praying that Matt wouldn’t slip.  My husband is extremely athletic, but this was sandy, dusty, soil and we were just sinking inches into the dirt and sliding as we climbed.

Though it was steep it didn’t take him long to scramble up to the top… I on the other hand emerged almost completely covered in dust that now clung to my wet clothing.  We looked at each other and did a little bit of a nervous dance…excited that we just defeated the circumstances, but a little shaken up by what it took.  Sammy, on the other hand, thought it was the best adventure ever…as you can see she is clearly thrilled:)


Courtney - You guys are hilarious! I want to go on adventures with you :)

Dressing your baby bump

At 7 months pregnant I finally broke down and bought maternity clothes.  The rubber band method or sagging my pants, just wasn’t working anymore.  But I didn’t want to spend for clothes I was going to wear just for just a few months, especially ugly clothes.  Because you really do need to feel good about your clothes as you waddle down the street. So here is where I shopped and went for inspiration:


These ladies are super-stylish and are both currently pregnant! Go check out their blogs for some inspiration…I promise it will get you excited about styling your baby bump body. As I read through their posts, I found that I didn’t have to wear the plain tops that ruched up the side and gathered underneath my chest with the pregnancy pants that could almost be a strapless jumpsuit (almost:)These two moms shattered my concept of what to wear during pregnancy.

The Day Book Blog

Love Taza

Cara Loren

And here are two stores you may not know about as you go shopping- 

The Hatch Collection


P.S. And sometimes you can find stretchy or oversized steals from forever 21 or hm.

So have fun, because you should feel so sooo special as you show off your coming new family member!

The Farkas Family is Expecting | Brookline Maternity Photographer

Her two little feet could’t carry her fast enough.  There were so many things to explore and see- white petaled flowers, tree trunk roots that crawled in and out of the dirt, maple seeds that had twirled down to the grass.  The adventure just kept getting better and better as we walked down the path and through the grass.  I absolutely adored her curiosity that stopped occasionally for a picture with mommy and daddy and then was off to explore.  You, little girl are going to have so much to teach and show your coming baby sister!


Our Happy Little Eater

She likes flavor. If Sammy could talk she would say, “Mommy please don’t give me plain broccoli.  Put some spice on top-maybe some oregano and you can sautee it in some garlic and onion.  And for dessert please top my sautéed fruit with cinnamon.”

*And I think it would come out in a french accent as well.

When we started her on plane oatmeal cereal, she took a few bites and then refused it.  When it came to bland purees she tolerated them.  But as soon as she tasted her first bites of butternut squash and leek chicken soup she couldn’t swallow it fast enough.

So we switched up our plan.  Reading the books French Kids Eat Everything and Brining up Bebe (both of which I loved reading) we started using the logic of Baby Led Weaning combined with the French Rules. And now, I believe…I think,  we are on a journey to teach our little girl to love good and healthy food…with Flavor.

Here are a few of the rules that we have used to expand her pallet and create an adventurous little eater.  (I write that last line with hesitation…I mean she is only 10 months old…we have months and years ahead of us which will provide us with wisdom.  But so far the rules from the books have really worked.)


Rule #1 We are in charge of meal time.  We are in charge of her food education…not Sammy (she is only 10 months old, of course she wants fruit (dessert) all day long…I mean so do I).

Rule#2 Sammy eats what we eat 

So we eat healthy, organic, meals loaded with veggies, fruit, whole grains and protein… very little to no processed food.  And we have found that when we eat the same things along side of her, she is more motivated to give it a try.

Rule #3 We eat together

Rule #4 You don’t have to Like it but you DO have to Taste it

This may ruffle a few of your feathers, but if Sammy doesn’t swallow 1 bite she doesn’t get anything else (eek! I know!).  At first, this was hard…but I noticed that at the next meal or one after she was not only open to that new food (maybe beets) but many times changed her mind and devoured the entire serving, because she was more hungry, not starving…just a little more motivated.


Rule #5 No Snacking

Sammy gets one afternoon snack and that is it.  I don’t carry around in-between meals, puffs, crackers or emergency snacks to bribe her with in tough situations.  I want her to be hungry at meals, so she eats good-sized portions and is hungry enough (once again not starving) to try new things.

Rule #6 We eat in courses and the “worst” or the newest food comes first, when she is the hungriest

This was HUGE for us.  Because of course, who wants veggies after a taste of soufflé or mango with yogurt and cinnamon?


And here are 2 Rules I am working on…so I can model them fully when she is older:

Rule #7 No emotional eating

no rewards, bribes..etc   Oh this is so hard! Because sometimes I just “need” that little taste of chocolate when my day isn’t going well at 2:00pm

Rule #8

Schedule meals and menus..I just think this French Rule would make things much more organized and add more variety.

And as they say in France…Bon Appetit!

Emily - SO interesting! And also makes good sense. Why not start good habits right off the bat? We’ll have to talk!

Emily - OH, and Sammy is gorgeous! :)