If you are sick of the rain and every day being the ordinary, here is an idea that is simple, easy, and a lot of fun for your adventure seekers.

What you will need:

1 cape (tie, pin or use velcro on a blanky or piece of cloth.  Or, using one of Dad’s old t-shirts cut off the sleeves and front (leaving the neck hole).  All that is left of the shirt is the neck hole and the back flap of fabric. A perfect cape.)

1 bathing suit

1 pair of leggings/spandex/tights

1 belt accessorized with super hero logo (use felt or card stock to create logo)

1 mask (Cut two eye holes in felt or fabric.  Stitch on elastic (use an old head elastic head band) or simply tie a longer piece of fabric around your child’s head.)

Assemble, decorate the accessories, and you have one totally awesome super hero to conquer your laundry piles or zap the weeds!!

(Photography credit: Michelle Tandy Photography)

Snacks to eat:

Lightning bolt carrots (cut carrots long ways with a crinkle cutter or add a few zig zags)

Super Hero Celery- stalks of celery with swiss cheese capes. Charge up the celery with dipping sauce.

Power to ya Smoothies- add your choice of fruit, yogurt, and ice.  Mix away.

Super Hero’s are about helping others. Find ways around the house or outside to help mom, dad, or siblings. But make it fun!

For Example: Here’s a tip from my mom if you need to clean the kitchen floor:  Barefoot or with shoes on allow your child to scrub the floor by skating around on wet rags.  Rinse the rags periodically.  A fun way to make your floor spick and span.

Have Fun!

To see more pictures from this little girl’s super girl birthday party follow this link to the Tortoise and the Hare blog .

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As we stepped off the road and into the tall grass, I was so glad that I wore boots. Sinking past my ankles, I was thankful  they were tall ones!

Emily, you rocked…and I love the new color. Did you recognize her? If not let me trigger your memory. Click here.  I wanted to push myself and try out some new things in this planned shoot.  Emily was a perfect model as I juggled back and forth between an old film camera and my classic digital.  The film is being developed and I am super excited with a pinch of nervousness. I am putting myself into this place of vulnerability and possibly “failure” knowing I will grow.

I love the freedom in this picture.

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After many cake phone calls and a whole year of mentally preparing…I did it!

To all who helped this cake amateur, THANK YOU!

This cake stood tall and straight without me hugging it inside the freezer or propping the sides with orange juice and milk cartons. The carmel filling was inside the cake this year.  The cake only stuck in the pans the first time around.  And the icing adhered to the cake instead of visa versa. It isn’t by any means a Cake Boss presentation, but it was perfect for Matt’s birthday.

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