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Laughter, leaves, & lollipops | Boston Family Photographer

Set your morning cup of coffee down and get ready to smile.  You are about to start your day in a very good mood…because this little girl’s dimply smile is completely contagious.

I bet you are smiling right now!
Her brother has the same smile except he likes to add his tongue! A tongue that took a big taste of bubbles.
It was a beautiful warm day at the Arnold Arboretum.  A perfect day to search for fallen leaves and stop for snuggles on the way.
We searched for the brightest and biggest leaves as we walked.  Warren liked the crinkly brown ones the best.
Alex spotted a bright orange tree in the distance.  She found treasure there. Warren thought it was edible treasure.
As the sun began to set we frog-hopped, soared through the air, and licked lollipops back to the park entrance. 

The Dunn Family | Boston Family Photographer

It was a wonderful accident when school buses filled with children pulled into the park.  Hopping into the car, I drove down the road looking for a back-up plan. I stumbled upon this tree lined, quiet little farm just moments down the road. A perfect place for two little girls to play in the leaves, pick flowers, and run down the lane. 

There was no shortage of laughter when No Beard the Pirate, a.k.a. dad, popped out from behind the trees and chased his girls through the field.
It was a day spent doing the simple things…watching the leaves fall and airplanes cross the sky, running through the fields, and snacking on apples and goldfish. It was a joy to spend time with this family.  This mom and dad absolutely adore their girls.