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The Evensen Family | Boston Family Photographer

Ready…set….go  & they were off running down the beach searching for treasure.

Finding horseshoe crabs, shells, smooth rocks and things that didn’t belong.

Ellie just watched ears flapping in the breeze.. 

Cam received one of the best piggy back rides I have ever seen.  Or was it a camel, bug, or Ellie ride?
We climbed from the beach to the highest hill at World’s End with a kite in hand.  Hannah raced the kite down the hill and into the wind as Cam let out the line. The kite took flight into the afternoon breeze. Cam held the string as the kite climbed  higher and higher above the trees.  
Doesn’t this just make you smile?!
Cam had an idea for the next picture…
As the sun set over Hingham bay, three handmade boats sailed out into the small inlet bearing greetings of Merry Christmas.


Drew - Cassie I am amazed every day by how much your pictures have improved. Every time I see your updates I am astounded to the nth degree by how wonderful your photographs are.

Lovin’ it

1. Almost every day I add a few more…like the puppy that I want, this soup I just ate (which was delicious)…the smoothie I want to try, and the lamp I am admiring.  Christmas gifts, decorating ideas, recipes, wardrobe inspiration…it’s all there.  Instead of writing a Christmas list this year, I may just send my family to my pinterest boards. New to pinterest?  It basically tags everything that you love (in pictures) from your favorite stores and blogs.  It’s like a scrapbook without the scissors, glue, and paper clippings all over the floor. I almost added that it saves time, but it is so not true…because it is addicting!

2. I want to go see this…Being Elmo…because what child and adult didn’t at one point love elmo?  Plus, I am reading about how Sesame Street became such a “sticky” idea; an educational virus that continues to spread via our t.v. screens. There was and is a lot of genius work behind Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Elmo.

3. I just returned my library copy of the Flour Bakery cookbook:(but the good news is I am back on the waiting list and excited to try more recipes before I add it to my wish list! My recommendation…make the oatmeal raisin cookies.  They are sooo good! The best I have ever tasted….and my family knows how to make a mean oatmeal raisin cookie. Not interested in baking…I will happily make an excuse to meet you for a cookie at the actual Bakery:)

4. How it works?  Did you see this new section on the site?!!! Check it out by clicking here  for a sneak peak into how sessions work here at Cassandra Plummer Photography.


Have a great weekend!!


The Maus Family | Boston Family Photographer

I loved how Tobin curled his bottom lip in when he laughed and how he was so intent on finding the perfect stick. And I loved watching his younger brother follow him, occasionally stopping and tucking in behind mom’s leg with only his chocolate-brown eyes poking out from her side. Their baby sister was simply content with an occasional grin that raised her baby cheeks squeezing her blue eyes. It was a beautiful fall day to play at Elm Bank.

This little guy asks his mom for a mohawk each day.  On this day he had it blown dry and combed into the perfect spike.  Love it!!

Doesn’t she just make you smile?

And how could I forget Moose…their first “fur baby.”  

Christine, you look beautiful.

I have to give a special thanks to Grandma, also known as Deb.  She juggled quite a few bags and blankets while walking Moose as we moved throughout the park. She was always a special hand for the boys to hold and she had the ability to make Moose smile, along with the rest of us, as she dangled a slobbery ball behind the camera. It was quite a miracle as Moose preferred to give me his backside. Thank you Deb.

Lunch at Sowa

On that day we were all convinced by the smell, the size, and by our eyes to buy a hot dog… a famous fully loaded hot dog with homemade mustard, bbq sauce, cranberry relish, chili, and onions.

It was the biggest and messiest hot dog I have ever seen.

 Everyone glanced our direction as they walked by and stared at our messiness.  It was impossible to take a bite and not get something on your face or tumbling down your clothes.  It clearly should have come with a bib and wipes.

And I am proud to say I ate the entire hot dog….but then I felt sick.

Renee - Hey, what about your embarrassing shot of eating the hotdog? I keep telling everyone about this, and then I tell them you felt sick and I got a milkshake an hour later!