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Mocha mint chip, dark chocolate, and a lot of pink | Where am I?

Here we go again…. last time the location (Brattle Book Shop) was guessed within 15 minutes!  Let’s see if you can do it again?

For newcomers, all you have to do is take a peak below at the pictures and guess the correct location.


So, can you guess where I am? 

I ate this one…the blueberry buttermilk pancake.  It truly tastes just like a plate of blueberry pancakes.  This shop will even provide you with a little maple syrup to drizzle over the top.

Do you know the location?!

Simply comment below with the exact location and shop title along your favorite flavor cupcake to receive 4 cupcakes delivered to your door.  (Vegan cupcakes are available)

*Winner must live within Boston or Cambridge

Emily Salsky - Sweet in Harvard Square!

Susan - I have no idea where you are but I wish i was there eating cupcakes with you!

alyssa - Sweet! In Harvard square Cambridge!

alyssa - Sweet! In Downtown crossing ?

Cassandra - You got it!!!! I will send you an email…so you can pick out 4 yummy cupcakes

Cereal, Good Reads, & Style | Boston Maternity Photographer

I threw my hands up in the air and squealed with excitement.  The entire restaurant turned and looked at me…the girl with her hands stretched into a flying V. But, I didn’t care what they thought…my brother and sister-in-law were going to have a baby!!!  To say I was and am excited is an understatement.

I think he is going to like me the best…we both really like cereal:)

Renee, I love your smile  :)
J.crew model?? This little boy is going to look like he stepped right out of a magazine.
And this one…this one is my favorite:)Because in this picture…I see Renee, a strong woman filled with compassion and love. This baby has already been blessed, because he was given to you, Renee and Chris. May he know and understand one day how great he is loved.  


Renee - I’m crying over here! I love them so much. and you are so kind with your words. Thanks for loving us and this new little Thomas.

Heidi Jirotka - Love the last one.

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The Farmhouse Burger

He asked me if I wanted a bite of his burger as we sat in the booth beneath the dim lights of the restaurant.  He had ordered the farmhouse burger…the burger with the egg.  I took a small bite expecting to gulp and swallow quickly…  but, I was wrong.  The combination was amazing! Better than whatever I had ordered…I hesitated to return his egg burger that I held in my hand.  I then  took a monster bite and placed it back on his plate.

And ever since, we have been eating the farm house burger.  Try it…it really is delicious. We sometimes add bacon or a little pulled pork too:)