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Britt + Dan

I received an email with exclamation points galore from Britt just two days before her wedding.  To say she was excited to get married was an understatement.  Her wedding day came with blue skies and a hint of a fall breeze.  I first spotted Britt in the hotel lobby where she sat with her girls.  The girls giggled away memories while Britt sat calmly with a glow that spoke of her excitement.  Today she was marrying a “blessing, a gift, a man of God firmly rooted in faith,” and may I add, a man that is completely captivated by her.

Britt, you looked absolutely positively stunning.  Dan could not keep his eyes off you!

Matt and I loved watching this relaxing backyard party unfold. Guests played cornhole on the beach while others relaxed and chatted over burgers and lemonade. S’mores were cooked over an open beach fire as the sun set.  It was a party that celebrated the newlyweds and the beautiful relationships that had supported Britt and Dan along the way.

Britt’s and Dan’s eyes lit up when they heard we would stop for ice cream, “Can I please have black raspberry scooped on a sugar cone and a cookie dough milk shake?”

One, Two, Three, Four I declare a thumb war!!And the winner is…

Love this one!!!! Dan, you sure can make this girl laugh.


Britt and Dan it was a joy to be a part of your day.

Renee - These made me cry! I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones but I think it’s really the love I see in this couple and the amazing photographer that captured that love! I am so proud!

A special sneak peak

A special treat is coming to the blog… a wedding!!!


Does this mean I am photographing weddings now??  No, only on a very special occasion. Cassandra Plummer Photography will continue to specialize in Maternity, Newborn, Children’s and Family Photography.

Missy E - Cass!!!!
You are soo talented and your website is soooo stinking cute. You have so much character girl. I have really enjoyed getting to know you. I’m so excited you live here and we can be better friends, Seriously though, your website is legit. You’re awesome!

Let time stand still | Boston Family Photographer

There is a place in South Boston where old and young sit and watch the planes go by. The winds blow off the bay and families gather to sit on the lawn with their hamburgers in hand from the tiny shop behind Castle Island. Fisherman sit and wait in expectation as the waves slap against the jetty.

There is no hurry, no beeping cars, just the moment you are in.