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The Dunes| Boston Family Photographer

We all piled out of the car and began our walk towards the sand.  My mom looked up and said, “Oh my!” And as we climbed about halfway she said, “I don’t know if I can do this.”  We encouraged her to keep climbing because the view at the top of the sand dunes is incredible.

As we reached the top, I yelled,”Look mom, we are in the Sahara!”  Well the one in Michigan.

The dunes really are breathtaking as you climb from valley to peak.  The sand is so incredibly soft and it sometimes squeaks beneath your heals as you run and jump off the edge.  The best part is running down the dunes!  At first it seems scary as you pick up speed down the slope, but at any moment, no matter how steep, you can sink your feet in to an abrupt stop.

While we were playing in the huge sandbox, we lost track of mom. We turned around to find her racing up the side of a dune!  

We climbed up and found her waiting at the top of the next dune.  Taking a nap?!

Drew found some very large pieces of drift wood.
We finished our day where the water meets the sand.  Racing down the dune we all belly-flopped into the lake. Matt came down with so much speed that I think he skipped across the water before dropping beneath.  His stride, marked in the sand, measure 8 feet!

Sand-covered we climbed into the car.  Within a half hour everyone was sound asleep.

We arrived! | Boston Children’s Photographer

After a month of traveling…we arrived in Boston! We unpacked our jeep, which was popping at the seams, with things like bathing suits, camping gear, balsamic vinegar(?), duct tape, hiking boots, sand, camera gear, and enough stuff to live off of for a month. I can’t wait to share with you our adventures as we settle in to our new home.

Hugs and Kisses| Boston Children’s Photographer

I had just walked in their front door and was chatting with my friend Sarah when I heard a little voice coming from the kitchen say, “Let’s go say hi!” Jasmine’s smiley face ran around the corner followed by her daddy chasing her with a diaper and twirly white dress in hand. Jasmine loves LOVES people.  She also loves giving hugs and kisses.  Really big ones!!!

Swinging kisses too!
But she did not want to kiss this little guy.  She did however after a long introduction allow him to sit on the edge of her dress.
We caught frogs, played on the swings, and played with an awesome bubble machine!
Who is this little one?!  Isn’t she gorgeous! Check out those eyes. This is Jasmine’s baby sister.
They both got daddy on the nose.

This family along with many others will be dearly missed as we move. Matt and I have been blessed beyond belief in just two years by friends and a church family that made us new Ohioans (is that a word???) feel loved and at home.

The Fridge| Boston Family Photographer

For two weeks now, we have been trying to clean out the fridge for moving day.  The freezer is almost empty except for all of the desserts we froze so we didn’t eat too much of them.  Cake, croissants, ice cream have gone  untouched for who knows how long and now they have to be eaten.  And the only accompaniments from the fridge are strawberries, cheese, oh and bottles of stuff like horseradish, soy sauce, and chili sauce.  This is going to be an interesting week.  Anyone with a sweet tooth….please come save me.  Mine hibernated a pie, cake, and bowl of ice cream ago.