The sun turned warm during newborn baby Eli’s first few days of life.  The Quincy shoreline was now vacant. The tourists had returned for the school year and all that could be heard was the splashing tide and whistling salt grass.

You, baby Eli, lay perfectly content in the late summer breeze.

And your big sister…

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It’s a rainy morning here. Between the pitter patter of the drops and the increased darkness, my eyelids are heavy and my body is longing to curl up in some blankets. I have finally resorted to a strong cup of tea, instead of the morning oj, hoping that as I write my body will slowly re-energise. It’s a good sort of tired as life has been busy in amazing ways this summer. And while I am wishing for a few more summer days to get my tan on, I feel blessed. Blessed and thankful. Because 1 year ago, I was the new girl in town….a little intimidated by the street bustle, a little nervous about how I was going to restart my business. And now, I am just in awe and truly, truly thankful because I am busy! I am busy editing your images, creating your albums, meeting you and your little ones! And I am having a blast! So thank you, thank you for the privilege to capture your lovely families,  for telling your friends about me, and for giving me the warmest welcome to Boston.

So here is to one year! I am beyond excited for what God is going to do as I start into my second year in Boston!

So I thought it would be fun to let you in on my life a little more…the things I am excited about, what I am working on and yes…I promise there will be more pictures of our family’s personal adventures exploring Boston.

This month I am looking forward to:
-going apple picking and sharing with you the best apple pie recipe ever (thanks mom!)
– chunky sweaters, cozy blankets, and more cups of tea
-my first trip to Cape Cod!!!! Ahh, I am so excited! (so please pray for nice weather, this girl could really use some rays on her skin before winter arrives)
– and with that first trip, my very first lobster roll :)

My Personal Goals
– to start my day off with a run and time with God (I feel so much better when I do)
– to read more
– to start a painting and dust off my sketch book
– to go to bed early and wake up early ( because I was never intended to be a night owl)
– to take more pictures of Matt and I

– grow out my bangs ( I’ve had bangs since well forever…I think I took a break from bangs in 3rd grade, but it was short lived)

Business Goals
– BLOGGING…I have neglected the blog way too long
– Launch Holiday Sessions! Yup, thats right…holiday sessions are starting to book already so maybe I should tell you what the Holiday Package is…stay tuned!!!
-Work on that about me section on the website…it really is pretty poor

– give a little love to that facebook page and maybe…maybe figure out twitter

Happy September!

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The sun fell warm on the narrow streets of Beacon Hill.  Baby Amelia was perfectly content in her parent’s arms.  She kept her eyes open all morning as we walked along the Charles River and up towards the Public Gardens.  They held her close and gave her kiss after kiss.  When they looked into her eyes they smiled for they had never seen a little girl so perfectly made.

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I have a big family, and we all live an airplane or long car ride away.  We talk, we skype, and when we get together…it’s like we have never been apart. But for the everyday, I need pictures to see their faces, all of their beautiful faces (which is a lot of faces and a lot of frames). The perfect solution: a wall gallery, but that means a lot of hanging…

So here is what I have found to be the easiest way to hang a wall gallery: it’s easy, fast and takes all...most of the stress out of hanging pictures.

And I’m not quite done, but here is the work in progress!





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Don’t get me wrong I love smiley pictures, but just a smile, a “say cheese” smile fails to help you remember…

what breakfast in the morning was like with his bed head curls and waffle pieces falling off his fork

how much he giggled at the touch of your kissesher dimples, silly faces, and how nothing seemed to phase her ( not even a giant splash from her big brother)how free spirited and adventurous she was…she wasn’t afraid to climb rocks twice her heighthow helpful, sweet, and thoughtful she was (when her little brother needed a little help with the kite)how hard you could make her laughhow much she loved being the apple of your eye

So next time you pull out your camera or iphone, don’t hide their personality by saying “cheese.” Capture them in the moment: running across the beach, playing with their favorite toy, snuggling with daddy, or licking an ice cream cone: the ordinary, everyday moments.

One day you will be glad you didn’t say cheese, because you will have documented memories, not just a smiles.

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