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The Grafts are Expecting | Back Bay Maternity Photographer

Love  and joy…that’s what rubs off when you are around these two.  And that is why I can’t wait to watch them become parents…because above everything they love.

Brittany you look beautiful!

A note to Baby Graft: Sammy and I are so excited to meet you! Feel free to come any day now… we will try our best to be patient in the meantime:)

Sammy has found her voice…

Rolled over with her lovie in her mouth, Sammy lay yelling at the top of her lungs…believe me it was the piercing top.  I, of course, rolled her her right away onto her back thinking something was wrong…only to find a huge grin as she removed the slobbery head of her lovie-giraffe from her mouth.  Sammy then shoved it back in her mouth, rolled over onto her tummy and continued to playfully scream.

For the last month, we have only heard the cutest little low rasp.  Let’s just say she has found the other end of the spectrum and wow does she have range.

If you love baby babble and just watching a baby play…this is for you (don’t worry this is the middle of the spectrum).