Just You and Me


photo credit Yan Palmer

As I start my maternity leave, I am trying to soak up every moment with my first daughter before the baby comes.  We are tangled on the couch reading Curious George after nap, running through every splash pad in Boston, exploring the bakeries (my sweet tooth has come alive), and meandering down the cobblestone streets not thinking about anything except for the rocks to be picked up and plopped in Sammy’s little tin pail, which we carry everywhere.

It’s so hard to imagine how life is going to change in the next month…right now though, I just want to be here with her, just her and an occasional belly bump kick.

So if you have a favorite a place for us to explore or a gem of a place to eat at let us know… just don’t make me waddle too far :)

Oh, and don’t worry I will be back in October photographing beautiful families, but for now stay tuned for our adventures and Baby #2’s arrival.

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