We went whale watching

As we approached the docks, Sammy used only two words, “boat” and “me (said with a pound of her chest).” As the captain stepped off the boat to give us a few instructions, Sammy began to pull my hand as hard as she could towards the ramp.

The captain told us that he couldn’t guarantee we would see anything on our whale watching tour, but that would be a rare scenario.  He set the expectations low, so I figured the best we would see would be a whale way way way off in the distance.  I don’t know if that was a strategy of his or if we just hit the jack pot!
Whale-Watching-17Whale-Watching-5Whale-Watching-8We watched pods of dolphins surround the boat! They were jumping all over the place!  We also saw seals lounging on rocks and a few followed us in the water; leaping in and out as we cruised along!  Sammy called them sea puppies :)  And to top it all off we saw multiple humpback whales breach and one even went under the boat…that’s how close we were!!!  I was blown away by how much we saw.  We were surrounded by some type of  sea creature almost the entire trip. We loved every moment!Whale-Watching-14Whale-Watching-11That’s a sea puppy (seal).Whale-Watching-12Whale-Watching-6Whale-Watching-13Whale-Watching-9Whale-Watching-16And that’s a humpback whale’s tail…Whale-Watching-10Whale-Watching-4Whale-Watching-18Whale-Watching-3

I would definitely go again in a heart beat…I just might wait till after I am pregnant.  A baby bump really doesn’t help with the whole balance/sea legs aspect.

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