The Salsky Family

I was leaning against the hospital wall breathing through a contraction when Matt’s phone rang with the news, from his childhood best friend, that these two little boys had been conceived.  For a moment the pain disappeared as my heart leapt with excitement!

These two little miracle boys had been prayed for, hoped for, and wept for…as their parents struggled with the horrible news of infertility.  But in that moment, we declared as we heard the miracle over the phone that our God was greater!

Just two weeks ago we met the twin boys in person for the first time!  Just like we had been told and seen through instagram, they were two very different little miracles.  Zachary ate breakfast like he was in a race and waddled around the house like a little Goliath.  He is strong and not easily swayed by a bump or a scrape.  Benji, on the other hand, is all about the cuddles.  He does things in a proper,cleanly order and always looks to be in thought about something. One thing they have in common…they are absolutely an adorable joy to be around.


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