We heard that we had to drive up the Coastal Highway towards Malibu on our trip to LA. Now, I have never been a lover of Sunday drives or scenic routes that take twice/three times as long…and Sammy is a city girl that still dislikes any amount of  car seat time beyond 15 minutes.

So with not much expectation (at least on my part), we started off our drive at Sammy’s nap time and began weaving our way up the Coast…and I am so glad we did because it just may have been my favorite part of our entire trip.  Just take a look at the view…
malibu-vacationWe stopped at Malibu State Park where we hiked our way down to the waters edge.  At the base of the cliffs, surfers were riding the waves and spilling off their boards as they approached the underwater rocks.  Sammy, of course, ran straight for the water only to find it was just as cold as Boston!

toddler-family-malibu-vacation-14malibu-vacation-3-toddler-familytoddler-family-malibu-vacation-15She is such a little explorer, just like her daddy.  And I think it is just the cutest thing ever when she examines things up so close to her nose that she goes cross-eyed.malibu-toddler-family-vacation-8malibu-toddler-family--vacation-2toddler-family-malibu-vacation-4The two of them together make my heart melt, especially when she snuggles into his arms.  It had been a long day of travel and after an hour of exploring on the beach, she was tuckered out.malibu-toddler-family-vacationmalibu-toddler-family-vacation-12malibu-vacation-10Malibu, we will be back…because you were breathtaking!  So glad we hopped into the car and took the chance.

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