At the Macy’s Parade

I have wanted to go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade since I was a little girl.  So when Matt came up with the idea to go this year…I may have squealed and done a happy dance.

For weeks it has been all that I have thought and probably talked about.  As the first float passed by and every camera in the crowd shot up to capture the Macy’s opening stars…I knew the parade was not going to disappoint my childhood dream. It was AMAZING…and I would go back in a heartbeat!!!

The balloons were HUGE! I knew they would be, but it is really something else to see just the under belly of them passing above you.

As we watched, an occasional flurry fell making the parade that much more magical.  Snuggled in with family it really was so much better than what I had pictured.

Sammy sat on our shoulders well above the crowd. Occasionally she would get excited and push my hat down over my eyes…peering into my face it seemed like she laughed each time.  Every now and then Sammy would snuggle in or rest her cheek onto my hat as if she was going to fall asleep ( it was her nap time), but then another balloon would come and she would spring back up.  It was so cute to see her reaction to the balloons.  Her mouth hung a little open and I think she hardly blinked as the first ones past :)

I could tell some people thought we were crazy for bringing a toddler to the parade in 30 degree weather.  And I have to admit, I was a bit nervous.  Weeks leading up to the parade, Matt can testify that I was on the computer every single night looking for cold weather gear.  Throughout the parade I kept checking her to see if she was cold.  As we walked back to our car to head home, we all shivered as the snow began to really fall.  I hoped she was still warm.  As we stripped off her coat, snow pants and layers I found Sammy to actually be almost in a sweat.  Her hands were toasty and her body felt like warm laundry.  I let out a huge sigh of relief.


A few tips for going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving day with a toddler:

Dress them warm.  We found a little coffee shop once we got there so we could hop out of the car quickly and then pile on the layers. Bring extra layers in case you drop a glove, hat, or something gets wet.

We used snow pants and next time will even put her in boots.  Her toes were the only part of her body that was a touch cool.

We brought with us a hiking backpack so Sammy could see above the crowd.  I would recommend the backpack in a heartbeat even though Sammy preferred to sit on our shoulders.  On our shoulders, she could see well above the crowd!

Bring easy snacks

Have fun!!

P.S.  Matt’s family lives just a short drive outside the city, so we drove in and were able to park just 10 blocks away on the street, but his Dad is also a pro when it comes to visiting NYC.

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