Sammy Moments…


-I have no idea where she got the idea…but lately when we go on a walk, Sammy will stick her finger into the leaves, into our neighbors flower bed, into the grass… swirl her finger around a few times and then stick her finger in her mouth to quickly lick it off.  I know… gross, but it’s actually really funny!  The other day she reached her finger into the sky, gave it a swirl and then a good lick. Ha!


-Now Sammy is running…but a few weeks ago when she was still getting the hang of walking, she would pace the room.  She would go back and forth from one end to another…not really doing much along the way except talking to herself and occasionally getting really excited.  It was super cute to watch her face light up the faster and faster she went.


-The other week Sammy walked across the room, climbed up onto my lap and nuzzled her face into my chest.  My heart melted into a million pieces.  She only stayed for 10 seconds, but she is doing it more and more these days!  It gives me hope that she will one day like to sit and snuggle for just a few minutes…then she can go back to climbing and running and never tiring out.


-When Matty walks in the door…oh, it’s perfection!  Sammy looks up with bright eyes and whispers softly to herself “Dada.”  She then goes and takes his hand and proceeds to show him everything she has played with while he was gone ( or at least I think that is what she is doing).  And between her excitement that he is finally home and him throwing balls, crawling around on the floor, and chasing her about the room…Sammy is soon beside herself in laughter…I mean she can barely walk or crawl.



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