Sammy goes to the MFA

Sammy wiggled to get down from my arms as we walked into the first room of the Massachusetts Fine Art Museum.  She walked right over to a huge sculpture, stopped just a few feet away… looked up, dropped open her mouth and let out an exagerated. ” Ooooh!” (which sounds a lot like a long drawn out WOW, but with a really funky accent.

Sammy continued, for the next hour an half, to run up to paintings and artwork big and small…stop for a moment, look and then move onto the next.  And surprisingly she was really looking at the artwork…I mean she found every single portrait of a dog painted or sculpted throughout the museum!

We walked through the MFA at record speed…I think in just less than 2 hours.  We did avoid some of the furniture rooms as Sammy wanted to sit on the chaise lounge and tiny little upholstered seats.  It wasn’t until the last 10-15 minutes that she tugged at my jeans and asked to be up.

Tired and a little worn out Sammy climbed into her stroller. I handed her a bottle of milk…and if it weren’t for the cold air and occasional flurries outside, I think she would have fallen asleep on our short walk home.  We will have to go back! We both loved it!

Note: I found out during our visit that every first and third Monday of each month is stroller day for babies and toddlers.  The museum also has some fun activities for I would say 3 or 4 years and up.  You can find out more info here.

Sammy-at-the-MFA-2Sammy-at-the-MFA-11Sammy-at-the-MFA-4sammy-mfa-bostonsammy-at-mfaThe coolest bean bag chairs ever!Sammy-at-the-MFA-7sammy-mfaSammy only stopped to rest for a brief moment to watch all the people walking outside…and then she was off again running from painting to painting.Sammy-at-the-MFA-12

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