I try to give Matt and Sammy 1 on 1 time after dinner before bedtime since he misses seeing her all day…but sometimes I can’t resist.  I mean who wants to wash dishes or clean up the house when all you hear is Sammy rolling hysterically in laughter.

If I do happen to pop my head in…this is what I see.

The tickle monster…a half naked baby…flying stuffed animals…forts…crawling races

She absolutely adores her daddy!

storytime-with-sammy-6storytime-with-sammy-3storytime-with-sammy-5And then my favorite part happens…storytime.  I have loved over the years when Matt has read out loud to me…so of course this is by far a perfect moment-when I get to watch him reading to Sammy.storytime-with-sammy-4storytime-with-sammy-2storytime-with-Sammy

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