The Cake Smash

The morning of her birthday party, we loaded Sammy with fruit, waffles granola and milk in hopes that when it came time for the “cake smash,” she wouldn’t eat handfuls upon handfuls of cake.

I also filled her up in hopes that she would smash it really well :)

Side note: When Sammy is all done eating at the dinner table she likes to clear everything off.  She chucks her bottle, swipes her plate to the floor and proceeds to clear with rapid force every crumb off the table. So my hope was that if she was full she would do the same with her smash cake resulting in quite a show.


Here is how it played out…

cake-smash-boston-1-year-6cake-smash-boston-1-year-8cake-smash-boston-1-yearSammy tip toed on over sat down…took a bite…and this was her face.  She then crawled away.cake-smash-boston-1-year--2So Matt picked her up and tried again…cake-smash-boston-1-year-5cake-smash-boston-1-year3I was completely shocked…I had never seen a baby refuse to eat their birthday cake!  ( The healthy momma in me felt a little pride…just for a moment).

So one of Sammy’s older friends came over and showed her what to do.  It didn’t take long then for Sammy to catch on…cake-smash-boston-1-year-10cake-smash-boston-1-year-11cake-smash-boston-1-year-12The Smashed cake…not one bite taken.

Oh, and here is a little video.

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