Goodnight baby girl I love you…it’s time to go to sleep

I remember that feeling when I said,”good night baby girl, I love you and it’s time to go to sleep,” and closed Sammy’s door.  I didn’t hear a sound…and my heart beat with so much excitement.  “She did it,” I said to Matty, “she did it!” We had worked with Sammy for two tiring weeks trying to teach her how to lay down, not stand up, and put herself to sleep. And she did it!

I grinned from ear to ear filled with so much pride- in myself for sticking to the training, but most of all in her. She did it! I kept saying.


Training a child can be so tiring, but the end result brings so much freedom and joy.  For mom’s and dad’s out there…I just want you to feel hope, that I am 99.99% sure there is some method out there for you and your child that will bring about healthy sleep patterns.  Just don’t give up.

I am not here to tell you that the method we used is the right way for your baby.  I have quickly found that other parent’s methods have not worked on either me or my child or just didn’t fit our parenting style.

When we had a goal in mind like: helping Sammy sleep through the night we read, we googled, we asked around…we experimented…we prayed, and we searched till we found a solution that made sense to us and then stuck to it. I have heard that there is a 5-7 day tipping point in terms of teaching your child.  Sammy is more like an eyebrow-raising two weeks…once again every child is different. But the feeling that comes from watching them learn is priceless.  So stick to it :)

Ooo I just want to touch those adorable sleeping cheeks…but I won’t because that would be plain stupid :)

sammys-roomSleeping-toddlerP.S. These frames are part of the frame collection I am now offering! Slightly crooked at the moment, but I Love them!Sammy's-room-3

P.S. If you are curious about the methods we used to help Sammy sleep through the night, put herself to sleep, and not stand up in her crib…leave a comment or email and I will happily pass along or blog about some of the methods we used :)


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