A Day in Michigan

I love living in Boston, but we live far from all of our family…especially my parents and siblings. It had been 8 months since we had last seen Nana, Pop pop! For weeks my heart went pitter patter every time I thought about going…and now it just aches knowing we probably won’t see them again till Christmas.  As I look through the pictures I wish ( as my sister in law always says) that we lived in a village all together.  I know that comes with trials from being so close.  But I would rather grow together than live miles upon miles separated for 99% of the year.  Ugh…homesick.

But last week  everybody went home to Holland Michigan…all 5 siblings and kids (right now we total 14 which is pretty awesome).  We got their first and spent a day with Nana, Pop pop and Aunt Noel at the Farmer’s Market in Holland.  We ate chocolate crinkle cookies larger than my hand, cherries (Michigan has the best juicy cherries)… and lots and lots of samples :)
Holland-Farmers-market-6Noel picked out a staple in the diet… Cinnamon Swirl bread covered in powdered sugar. Um, yeah…it’s good!  Holland-Farmers-market-4Sammy watching a man make balloon hats and animals…
farmers-marketMatt didn’t want her to crawl and get to close because there were pieces all over the ground….this is Sammy trying to get as close as possible by reaching out her feet.Holland-Farmers-market-1Picking out some melon for breakfast. Sammy picked a good one.Holland-Farmers-market-3Not sure what happened here…but it must have been pretty awesome!!farmers-market-holland-michiganLater that day we went blueberry picking.  I think we all felt a little sick afterwards…  once you started you just couldn’t stop. Sammy helped Nana pick eat the blueberries.blueberry-picking-michiganblueberry-farm-michiganBlueberry-picking-michigan-2blueberry-farm-michigan-7This is Evie, my niece…isn’t she just adorable!!!  Her personality is the best too, love her to pieces…and she adores Sammy which makes my heart melt.blueberry-picking-michigan-8We also stopped at the critter barn…which is a really fun place if your kids like animals. They have bunnies that look like a massive hairball, billy goats that stick out their tongue…and you can pet almost everything.

Sammy didn’t think this was the best idea though.  I think we are going to need to expose our little city girl to some more animals.
critterbarn-michigan-4This little goat was named Samantha…my little Sammy didn’t care.  She was climbing up us like their was a flood and she needed to get to the highest point as fast as possible.critter-barn-michigan-1Yup…her face the entire time.   My solution is that we should get a dog :)   or we could fly to Nana and Pop pop’s more often :)critter-barn-michigan-2

Part 2 coming soon!


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