Visiting the Redwoods

During our vacation in California, we ventured off route through a redwood forest.  I don’t think the word big even describes the trees. I think I might just let the pictures speak for themselves…redwood-forest-with-baby-rewoods-forest-baby-1

I love looking back at Sammy’s lone top tooth!  Ha, she looks like the cutest pirate ever…just needs an eye patch. Unfortunately our pirate stage has come to an end for the time being as she now has almost a full set…but I am sure it will return again soon enough )


These two crack me up with all of their expressions… I think a future post might need to be dedicated to their many look-a-like faces.redwood-forestredwoods-forest-with-sammyredwoods-forest-with-baby6redwoods-forest-with-baby-3redwoodred-wood-forest-with-baby

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