Visiting our favorite spot in Boston | Castle Island

Overlooking the Bay.  I said to myself, ” Today is a good day.”

Yesterday, Sammy and I sat on the hill at Castle Island and watched the boats go by.  She crawled through the grass and sat a good distance away where she looked out over the ocean for the longest time.  It is always so peaceful at Castle Island and is by far our favorite spot in Boston.

I had forgotten how much I loved this place.  It use to be a regular.

When it was just Matt and I and we were newbies to Boston, this is where we would go each evening- to talk, to run the pleasure bay loop that stretches out into the water, to play a game of cards, or just sit and watch the boats go by  It was one of the first places we took Sammy after she was born.  And though we are a few miles into the city now…I think it will once again become one or our regulars.   Ooo I can’t wait to fly kites in the fall when Sammy can walk!




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