Our Trip to San Francisco

We started our day very early, as we were still on Eastern time, and climbed up to the top of the city just after sunrise.  Looking out this is what we saw…

vacation-(33-of-33)vacation2After some excursions around town we drove to the bridge where we hiked along the water.  Most people choose to cross the bridge to the other side.  We chose to leave the crowd of tourists and stay along the San Francisco coast where there was a gem of a hiking trail that slowly meandered down to a private beach!  It was stunning!vacation-(23-of-33)vacationvacation-(28-of-33)vacation-(9-of-33)vacation-(20-of-33)vacation-(19-of-33)vacation-(30-of-33)vacavacation-(12-of-33)vaca-sammysamvaca-samvacation-(10-of-33)vacation-(2-of-33)vacation-sammyvacation-(1-of-33)And here is the part of the story where mommy had a great  idea.  My idea was to walk back along the beach and underneath the Golden Gate Bridge…rather than hike all the way back up the path we came.  And so we began along the water’s edge.  A little while into our walk we passed what looked like some homeless men sitting in teetering rock shelters.  There skin was leathery tan and their beards hung down to their chests which was bare along with everything else (at least so we thought, but they were sitting down and I didn’t bother to confirm our assumption).  A few minutes further, I looked up from the sand to see a stark naked man walking towards us. He was soon followed by another and another and another.  We were in the middle of a nude beach… a very odd one I might add with homeless looking men but also some that looked like they just got off from work and decided to come down for a stroll!!! I am not sure what I looked like…but I am sure it was awkward. We had already walked a good ways and instead of turning around and following their butt cheeks back to where we started we kept going. So I just shuffled along , staring at the sand probably a little red in the face.

We escaped the nude male beach rather quickly…but our adventure didn’t end there.  The tide was slowly coming in and we found ourselves wading into a rocky section of the beach.  During that time, I was carrying Sammy. We both got smacked by a large cold Pacific Ocean wave… that almost took my feet out.  Matt helped us both to a sandier section just a little ways before the Golden Gate.  Here is where my idea completely bombed.

The bridge was completely barb wired off and said in huge red letters. “DO NOT TRESPASS YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED.”  Really not wanting to go back through the nude beach or wade back into the somewhat dangerous waters….we both looked up the mountainous slope.  Matt and I went back and forth on what to do. We ended up agreeing to climb. So Matt took Sammy from me and strapped her in like a koala. He proceeded to climb…she swinging beneath him grabbing onto the passing weeds. I followed…the whole way praying that Matt wouldn’t slip.  My husband is extremely athletic, but this was sandy, dusty, soil and we were just sinking inches into the dirt and sliding as we climbed.

Though it was steep it didn’t take him long to scramble up to the top… I on the other hand emerged almost completely covered in dust that now clung to my wet clothing.  We looked at each other and did a little bit of a nervous dance…excited that we just defeated the circumstances, but a little shaken up by what it took.  Sammy, on the other hand, thought it was the best adventure ever…as you can see she is clearly thrilled :)


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