Why Everyone (including photographers) should hire a Newborn Photographer

Before my daughter was born, I was convinced I didn’t need a newborn photographer…after all I am one. Looking back though,  it is the one thing I wish we did differently; I wish I had hired a newborn photographer.

Because just like every other mom, I was tired, I wanted to soak in the wonder of holding my little girl  in my arms, I was trying to figure out breastfeeding, how to squeeze in a shower, soothe a crying baby, oh and did I mention I was tired.

I thought I was going to take the best pictures I had ever taken in my career.  And while I still love the pictures I captured they were taken by a sleep deprived mom who really just wanted a nap.

Before she was born, I also made the assumption that I would  have someone take a few of Matt, Sammy, and I as a family and that would be sufficient. Just a couple for the memory.  And we did.  I set up my camera, told my mom where to stand and she took some wonderful pictures of us…but now I wish we had more. I wish we had more of me holding her, more of her snuggled into Matt’s arms…more of us for the first time as a family of three.

I also wish I got my hair done…but that is a different post.

The thought crossed my mind that next time things would be different… but it left more quickly than it came.  Because I knew that once again I would be tired – after all, I’d have a toddler running around.  And because I knew that once again a few family photos wouldn’t be enough – after all, there would be four of us. Next time, even I, will book a newborn photographer


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