Forgotten Newborn Essentials

You are ready and have the basics: diapers, wipes, onsies, burp cloths, etc.  If you are looking for newborn essentials here is a great check list for you.

This list, on the other hand, is for gadgets or items that just simply make life easier in that first 3 months.  These were our favorites and now considered essentials:


1. Happiest Baby on the Block (DVD)

This is our LIFESAVER item!!!  Babies communicate by crying and in the first 3 months… you will find yourself stumped sometimes by the nonstop crying.  Because they cry if  “the house is burning down”…like an empty belly and the also cry if ” there is just burnt toast” like they heard an unfamiliar noise.   This DVD will tell you in just a short 15-20 minutes exactly what to do…and believe me it works Amazingly well.  You will learn how to calm a baby and stop their crying  instantaneously (when it is “just burnt toast”).


2. The Snot Sucker (a.k.a. NoseFrida)

You can use the bulb suction the hospital gives you,  but this gadget is way…WAY more effective.  It’s a little strange, but it really works.

Your newborn breathes mostly through their little nose.  So this  gadget may become your new best friend.  And it’s BFF is Little Noses Saline Spray (to loosen the snot before you suck it out).

P.S. Yes it is okay to wince the first time you use the mouth piece and suck in. Just don’t forget to replace the hygienic sponge stopper after cleaning (been there done that….so so gross).



3. Humidifier

Accompanying the Snot Sucker is the humidifier. This will also help keep your baby’s nose clear and nice and moist while they sleep.  This one is so easy to clean…and you can match it to the nursery colors.


4. Woombie

There are so many swaddle blankets on the market.  We tried almost everything for our little Houdini, who wiggled out of everything, until we discovered the Woombie.  It looks like a straight jacket, but our little girl learned to love it.  All you have to do is place them in and zip…no velcro straps or wrapping.  Oh, and it has a double zipper…so you can change their diaper while they stay half swaddled!  Wonderful, wonderful invention!

P.S.We used the Woombie at night.

P.S.S.   It is supposed to be snug so they feel like they are in the womb and it should zip fairly easily. We did find the newborn size seemed a little too tight on Sammy (7-8 pounds) so we went right to size “Big Baby” though it was then just a touch long.


5. Aden Anias Swaddle Blankets

During the  day we just used swaddle blankets at nap times. They were easy to have on hand, helped differentiate night from day, and gave her a little more wiggle room since she wasn’t sleeping beyond 2 1/2 hours at a time.  I loved how big, breathable, and soft these were.

They can also be used as a breastfeeding cover, or to cover the baby up on a summer day when out of doors.


6. Bundle Me

And when it gets cold, this is an easy  and safe way to keep your baby warm in their carseat.  Pediatricians don’t recommend bundling your baby in jackets, as the carseat straps don’t securely fasten your baby with the added bulk.  The Bundle Me keeps them warm and blocks the cold wind from hitting their face.  You can also easily unzip it  once in the car to keep them from overheating.  We like the Urban bundle me which is water resistant.


7. A Carrier

I can’t give tips on whether or not to choose the Bjorn (which we have) , the Ergo, or sling types. All I know is that they put babies to sleep…fast.  We loved our Bjorn and Matt actually used it the most…which is one reason we personally liked the style of the Bjorn over other options.


Have any other awesome gadgets…leave a note :)


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