The baby bump arrives

We began to wonder when- I began eating everything in sight at the daily Christmas celebrations, when hourly bathroom stops were needed on our way to the mountains of Vermont, when the smells of  dinner sent me running to the bathroom, when my  body looked like it was curving in a way my “teenage” build never had before, and when I was winded after one ski run down the mountain. I remember looking at each other, Matt and I, thinking… ” We must be, we must be?!”

The ride home from the slopes of Vermont back to Boston felt so long as I excitedly but also nervously thought of taking the test.

At first only one line appeared…and my heart sunk.  I went to leave the bathroom when Matt said, “look!” And then it was there, the second line had appeared!

My emotions and thoughts sailed from pure joy and excitement to…” is this real?!”

My small amount of disbelief disappeared in the next few days as I began to enter what would be months of severe morning sickness.  As I ran multiple times to the bathroom each day and struggled to eat the smallest amounts of food…I knew a baby was definitely on the way.

In these last weeks the sickness has begun to slowly fade, but a new sign; a much welcomed sign shows that our little girl will be here soon!  After weeks of asking Matt, ” Can you tell?” His answer is yes…the baby belly has arrived.  And I couldn’t be more excited!!

Oh and if you are wondering, we are due September 3rd (that means we are more than half way)!

(And yes, I will now be booking again. You can schedule through July and I will be returning at the end of October)

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