Pregnancy “Cravings”

Just days after we saw those two little pink lines appear on the pregnancy stick, the morning sickness began.  And at 5 weeks hyperemisis gravidarium a.k.a. severe morning sickness began to show itself . Every ambition of eating a healthy well balanced diet dissolved as routine sprints to the bathroom began. My stomach protested and returned every food item and concoction within the house. And I began to lose weight…a lot of weight.

My husband and I searched for anything that would bring the smallest amount of nutrition to myself and the baby. These long often futile searches led me to care less if the food I ate was greasy, processed, or completely fake.

Matt scoured the grocery aisles multiple times a week and sometimes at all hours of the night.  As I lay at home and in bed, he would walk the aisles listing off each food item…from fruit to chips…to frozen dinners until he found 1 item that I thought I could eat.

Sometimes I ate just oranges until my tongue burned…other times bags of spinach, and one week I think I only ate croissants.

So when asked over the past months, ” What are you ‘craving’? ” I have answered with…

1.Homemade Popcorn-made extra salty  (so salty that Matt could hardly eat it…and he eats anything).  I would eat entire mixing bowls full of popcorn.



4.Spinach with strawberry dressing

5.Tater Tots or potato chips- both dipped in ketchup

6. Raw Almonds- my protein lifesaver

7. Mint and Lemon tea with an occasional chance of lemonade

8.Taco Bell- I have only eaten Taco Bell maybe three times in my entire life, two of which I received food poisoning.  Yet I found myself  in sweatpants with bags under my eyes and hair unbrushed driving through the streets of Boston searching for a Taco Bell restaurant that I, sadly, but probably for the best, never found.

9.Mac n cheese (not the healthy kind pictured above. I wanted Kraft … I apparently was craving dyed powdered cheese).

10.  And now…now it is fruit.  pineapple, cantaloup, strawberries, blueberries…smoothies :) Our apartment looks like a fruit stand!

As I continue to recover and leave behind the symptoms of severe morning sickness, my heart rejoices as I begin to experience strength, the five food groups, and all the little blessings of normal every day life.  It has been a hard start to the year, but I would already do it all over again for my coming little girl.  The joy set before me has been one of the greatest motivations to persevere.  As her kicks increase, my heart builds with excitement and I can’t wait to hold her in my arms!!!! I know already that I would have endured an even harder journey, just for her.



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