Meet Jen owner of Itsy Bitsy Interiors

I want you to meet a beautiful mama that may look a little familiar.  Jen is a mom to two adorable boys (see for yourself) and owner of Itsy Bitsy Interiors– which specializes in designing nurseries, children’s rooms, playrooms, and provides organization for anyone with closets like mine.

I could have walked around Jen’s home for hours ooing and ahhing at the furniture pieces, curtains, and rugs she selected….(clearly I love interior decorating).

The rooms were unique and creative, yet they were extremely functional and simple.

Please meet Jen, mom to Thomas and baby Noah and owner of Itsy Bitsy Interiors.


Tell me about Itsy Bitsy Interiors

Itsy Bitsy Interiors is all about helping parents create special rooms for their children.


What services do you provide?

There are a few options for parents…

Full-design option: Turning an empty space into creative, fun, and fully functional room, down to every detail.

Organization option: This is a way to help parents reassess and declutter.  This is generally used for playrooms.

Update Option: This is a way to bring a tired, uninspiring room into a fun, age appropriate room by using existing items and adding new items.


What makes Itsy Bitsty Interiors unique?

I feel that the baby/child market has really grown. There are so many options now than just going to your local Babies R Us that most parents may not realize. I also know that being a parent or being pregnant can be a tiring job on its own, so I wanted to create an easy way to help parents decide on what to do with their space by bringing these options to them. When you have children you spend a lot more time in your home, my goal is to make each space inspiring, enjoyable, and functional for both parent and child.


If I want to completely design a nursery with you, what is the process?

  1. The process starts with an in-home consultation. I assess the space and talk with parents about what they would like the space to be like.
  2. Then we will continue to speak back and forth about options for the space.
  3. Once we have finalized most of the products they will then be ordered. The delivery time on some items could take anywhere from 1 week to 14 weeks.
  4. Installation with a contractor (if necessary) includes… wallpaper, new lighting, paint, flooring, shelves, etc.
  5.  We will then set-up the room with furniture, window treatments, an area rug, etc.
  6. And lastly, complete the space with accessories


When should I book if I want the nursery done in time for the baby?

A full-design option could take 2-4 months from beginning to end. Depending on how long it takes to finalize product, delivery times of product, and scheduling a contractor if necessary.

What inspires your choice of color, furniture, and accessories?

My clients. Everyone has different tastes and needs, so I try to go off that and create something that they will love.


Are there any trends that you love right now?

Modern and Playful


Do you provide eco-friendly options?

Yes, I can put together a full room with eco-friendly items.

How many children do you have?

I have two boys, Thomas and Noah.


What has it been like balancing family and business?  Do you have any advice or encouragement for moms with similar dreams?

Having help from my husband and in-laws makes having my business possible.

I would tell moms with similar dreams to go for it. The best part of having your own business is being able to make your own schedule. I can spend lots of time with my boys AND take a break from being a mom and focus on something completely different, all at my own pace.


What are some of your favorite local businesses?

Mucky Kids– Local Children’s Art Studio

Lester Harry’s– Local Children’s Boutique on Newbury St

Isis Parenting– Local Baby Store/Mom & Baby Classes


Does Thomas have favorite places to go within/near Boston?

He loves the Museum of Science and of course all the playgrounds in the area!


You can view more of Jen’s work through her website: Itsy Bitsy Interiors.





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