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We have all given and received the photo mug with the writing #1 Dad, the plastic key chain, or the picture foam mouse pad.  And  we have loved them because they came from someone special….BUT this year, I went on a hunt to find some STYLISH ways to gift your photos. I think they are pretty rad… if I do say so myself.


1. Instagram Album– yes all of those photos you snapped, put into a modern looking album.  P.S. It’s easy to Design

2. iphone case

3.Play Date Cards- custom designed for your little one… email me :)

4. Vintage Locket– with your favorite picture inside of course :)

5. Calendar– there are 1,000’s of calendar designs out there…just google “photo calendar.”  But this one I found to be so clean and sophisticated.

6. Whiteboard- this one created for chores…great idea!

7. A year in photos in a custom frame

8. A year in photos collage printed on a canvas

9. Canvas- choose your favorites




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