3 Conquerors of Boulder Island | Boston Beach Photographer

Do you see those big rocks way in the distance…do you think we can find a way to get there? I asked. They looked at me with no question in there mind…and we were on our way.  We waded through the cold cold water…or tiptoed on sinking rocks out to the island of LARGE boulders.
Along the way we sang to snails…”Did you know the snail will come out of it’s shell if you hum to it?” said Bijan.And we conquered the rocks… Really! Boulders three times their size stacked four to five lengths into the sky were no match for these adventure seekers.

This is Elisha, the youngest.  And though he is only four he will keep up :)And if the sun had not set…we just may still be there climbing away, discovering tiny crabs and caves…. and jumping from the heights in search of a new adventure.


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