The Robber

My voice began to shake as I heard him on the other end of the line.

Can you come home?
Yeah, what’s up? he replied.

I was sitting in the basement working when I think I heard someone run through the upstairs and then down half a flight of stairs and jump to the first floor! So I quietly grabbed a pair of shoes and the keys and went out the back door.

Where are you now? Matt said with concern.

I am outside… I don’t understand how someone could have gotten inside. The front and back door are bulted with the deadlocks…Matty it was so loud and the whole apartment shook.

Was it the neighbors maybe…are they home? Matt said.

I don’t think so. There are no lights on.

Alright, I will be there in 20 minutes. And Matt was on his way.

I then for the next 20 minutes sat locked in the car…watching the apartment…because to my knowledge no one exited except me.

During that time I prayed, tested the camera on my phone…ya know to see if I could take a picture of the robber from a block away…and I waited.

As Matt arrived home, he peared through the window and then went around to the backdoor. I tagged behind him like a completely clueless sidekick. I mentally played through usless movie-ninja like moves…just in case. And then we entered.

I sounded like Steve Erkle as we walked through our untidy apartment…” I did that…I did that too…yup that was me.”

We searched every closet, and the scariest of them all…behind the shower curtain, only to find a robberless house and all of our valuables still in place.


Completely puzzled I finally sat back down at my computer and there I found my “robber.”

That night I called Matt at 7:16pm after I had exited out of our home and down the dark alleyway beside our apartment. And it was reported last night that at 7:12pm there was an earthquake!

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