Pumpkin Magic Bars

OOOOooo have I found a good recipe for you: Pumpkin Magic Bars!  Yup you read correctly…ooey gooey magic bars.  You know the ones with a buttery-graham cracker crust, chocolatey middle, and toasted coconut topping…now just add pumpkin and shredded apple.

I didn’t tweak this recipe at all…so I am going to just send you right on over to Baker’s Royal for the baker that first invented this great idea.

Kid Notes: I have helped my mom make the traditional magic bars since I was a very little girl.  Here are some notes so your little one can help you bake some sweetness.

To make the crust: Toss whole graham crackers in a ziplock bag. Let out the air. And let your little one smash and squish and pulverise.  Just check on the bag every once in a while…every now and then you may spring a leak from all of the smashing.

Let your little one help you compress the graham cracker and butter mixture into the pan.

For the layers: Let your older ones measure, stir, and pour out the pumpkin layer. Let your younger ones sprinkle the chocolate chips, nuts and coconut.



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