Happy Halloween

I remember my mom sewing our halloween costumes into late hours of the night each year. She made from scratch and fabric patterns panther and lion costumes, and my favorite…the dinosaur costume- with padded dinosaur mittens and an entire green jumpsuit with stuffed spikes and a long green stuffed T-rex tail that dragged behind. I always walked into school ready for the parade knowing I had the Best Costume EVER.

My husband on the other hand argues that if we had attended the same school, he would have won hands down. He brags about the years when he was a walking baseball card, or an x-ray machine with light up switches and organs, or the year his sister was a little old grandma sitting in her cardboard recliner, and one year a couch potato with the couch and all!

He wore crazy creative cardboard costumes, where as mine (though maybe not as creative) looked like they were broadway sewn. Who would have won?

I can only imagine the long debates we will have over our children’s costumes one day.

Till then here are some of my favorite costume ideas…

That woopie cushion is the best!! Makes me laugh every single time.

Have a fun and safe evening!

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