5 DIY Wardrobe Tips to styling your session | Fall Edition

Today I want to talk about how to choose and coordinate outfits for your family’s session.  A lot of times, I get emails that sound something like this, ” Cassandra, can you take a look at these outfits (iphone pic attached) do they match…what do you think?

As a photographer, one part of my job is styling your session- so your family looks like they just stepped out of a magazine.  So you look and feel amazing. So if dressing your family just adds more stress…don’t worry I will be your personal stylist :)

BUT, if you are like me and love the idea of shopping and coordinating your looks. Here are some helpful DIY tips:

Tip 1: Choose a color pallet. It’s fall so below I chose autumn gold as my splash of color and then stuck to neutrals like- black, grey, and even khaki).

P.S. not everyone needs to wear the splash of gold, some family members can just stick to neutrals.

( Mom shown in: EmersonFry  Baby shown in: Bonpoint )


Tip 2: How to match, but not be too matchy.

Choose outfits that have at least 2 common threads of color.  Here Dad and son both have threads of navy, hunter green, and red.  Yes, the little boy also has kelly green, and turquoise alongside the hunter green checks in his flannel, but it works because he already has at least 2 common threads of color. If you want to add another family member, dress them in 2 of the three: hunter green, red, or navy.

(Both shown in: J.Crew)


Tip 3: Choose Similar Fabrics

Here each outfit is made from fabrics that look comfy, cozy, and relaxed.

(Mom shown in: J.crew, baby shown in: Bonpoint, daughter shown in: emile et ida)


Tip 4 : Match in Style

Here dad and son are both dressed “preppy.”


Tip 5 :  How to dress everyone and not get overwhelmed:

Start by finding one outfit you love and then build one member at a time.  I just loved this little girl’s cozy, artistic, grey, black, and pink outfit.  So next I found mom’s outfit and so on.  Each outfit matches in fabric and style- cozy and artistic.  And each outfit has at least 2 common threads- grey, black, or a splash of pink ( everyone does not need to wear your splash of color as shown).

( Mom shown in: J.Crew, son shown in: emile et ida, Dad shown in: J.Crew and Gap)


Tip 6  Dress for the Weather and Location

It is better to have smiles than chattering teeth.  One easy solution is to dress in layers.  Lastly, dress for the location…stilettos or white pants are not usually a good idea if we are going to the farm.




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