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Thank You + September Goals

It’s a rainy morning here. Between the pitter patter of the drops and the increased darkness, my eyelids are heavy and my body is longing to curl up in some blankets. I have finally resorted to a strong cup of tea, instead of the morning oj, hoping that as I write my body will slowly re-energise. It’s a good sort of tired as life has been busy in amazing ways this summer. And while I am wishing for a few more summer days to get my tan on, I feel blessed. Blessed and thankful. Because 1 year ago, I was the new girl in town….a little intimidated by the street bustle, a little nervous about how I was going to restart my business. And now, I am just in awe and truly, truly thankful because I am busy! I am busy editing your images, creating your albums, meeting you and your little ones! And I am having a blast! So thank you, thank you for the privilege to capture your lovely families, ¬†for telling your friends about me, and for giving me the warmest welcome to Boston.

So here is to one year! I am beyond excited for what God is going to do as I start into my second year in Boston!

So I thought it would be fun to let you in on my life a little more…the things I am excited about, what I am working on and yes…I promise there will be more pictures of our family’s personal adventures exploring Boston.

This month I am looking forward to:
-going apple picking and sharing with you the best apple pie recipe ever (thanks mom!)
– chunky sweaters, cozy blankets, and more cups of tea
-my first trip to Cape Cod!!!! Ahh, I am so excited! (so please pray for nice weather, this girl could really use some rays on her skin before winter arrives)
– and with that first trip, my very first lobster roll:)

My Personal Goals
– to start my day off with a run and time with God (I feel so much better when I do)
– to read more
– to start a painting and dust off my sketch book
– to go to bed early and wake up early ( because I was never intended to be a night owl)
– to take more pictures of Matt and I

– grow out my bangs ( I’ve had bangs since well forever…I think I took a break from bangs in 3rd grade, but it was short lived)

Business Goals
– BLOGGING…I have neglected the blog way too long
– Launch Holiday Sessions! Yup, thats right…holiday sessions are starting to book already so maybe I should tell you what the Holiday Package is…stay tuned!!!
-Work on that about me section on the website…it really is pretty poor

– give a little love to that facebook page and maybe…maybe figure out twitter

Happy September!

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