The Big Texan

When it comes to ordering off a menu, I am completely indecisive.

1. I always like to try something new, but…

2. I don’t like being disappointed

So this is what happens almost every time we eat out…

Like everyone I narrow it down…no to lima beans, anchovies, tofu, or fruit on my salad or meat.  I might scan the restaurant for a good looking dish, or ask the waiter for a suggestion.  All of this will help me narrow it down to maybe to three options.  But then I just can’t choose…and then the waiter comes back for the thirds time and says, ” Are you ready to order?”  And someone at the table says yes and I go into a panic…because I am not ready.  So what do I do?

I randomly pick something off the menu. Yes, random… and not even one of my original options.

And then Matt gives me that smile, the kind of smile that is inwardly laughing at how I once again randomly ordered.  Most of the time I will simply smile right on back and wait for my dish, but occasionally I will hesitate and do what I did this past weekend.  I will get up, track down our waiter and re-order.

Only this weekend, I randomly ordered twice.  First with a salmon burger and then I re-ordered a texan burger…not even knowing what the texan burger included.

Let’s just say I was quite surprised when the small little pub by the beach brought out my meal.  Meet the BIG texan burger.

Yes, those are onion rings, enough bbq sauce to make you sick, 2 layers of grilled cheese, most likely half pound of bacon, and every other fixin’ you can imagine.  And no I could not fit it in my mouth (yes, this is me trying out multiple angles and yes I did get bbq sauce up my nose).

And yes, 4 bites in I felt sick…because some combinations and that amounts of bbq sauce are just not meant to be consumed.  And that’s coming from a girl who loves a good messy burger.



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