Don’t say “Cheese”

Don’t get me wrong I love smiley pictures, but just a smile, a “say cheese” smile fails to help you remember…

what breakfast in the morning was like with his bed head curls and waffle pieces falling off his fork

how much he giggled at the touch of your kissesher dimples, silly faces, and how nothing seemed to phase her ( not even a giant splash from her big brother)how free spirited and adventurous she was…she wasn’t afraid to climb rocks twice her heighthow helpful, sweet, and thoughtful she was (when her little brother needed a little help with the kite)how hard you could make her laughhow much she loved being the apple of your eye

So next time you pull out your camera or iphone, don’t hide their personality by saying “cheese.” Capture them in the moment: running across the beach, playing with their favorite toy, snuggling with daddy, or licking an ice cream cone: the ordinary, everyday moments.

One day you will be glad you didn’t say cheese, because you will have documented memories, not just a smiles.

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