A Wet Crowd

We wondered if we were walking the wrong way as we walked through downtown Boston towards the Charles River. Families grabbed the nearest taxis and pedicab drivers, bikers raced past us carrying all of their american flag decor.  We heard roomers of cancelation, but we just shook our heads and kept walking towards the Charles River for the 4th of July Fireworks.

We sat on a bench and listened to Jennifer Hudson singing just across the small island. Her voice kept us from looking upwards at the dark clouds rolling in over the river. The crowd began to clap in unison as we all anticipated the first burst of light into the sky. The fireworks shot off the barge and into the clouds releasing a torrential downpour. Within minutes we were all soaked.  I slicked back my dripping bangs, shoved my phone into the depths of my pocket, and let out a sigh of relief-knowing my camera was safe and dry at home. Packed into the crowd, Matt and I just smiled at each other through the pouring rain and continued to watch the show.  The expressions of the crowd were all the same…switching from awe to laughter as we all squinted and scrunched our noses to see the light through the rain.

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