The Neave Family | Boston Family Photographer

Just a note before I begin: Get ready to meet one awesome family that oozes love and joy.  May their smiles will warm your spirits as they did mine.  Eeeekk!!! I’m so excited to introduce you!


Charis looked up at me through the wisps of her hair and said, ” I’ve seen you before.”

“Oh, where?” I replied (expecting her to say church…where we usually sit just rows apart).

Charis then answered, ” The website.”

“The website?!  What did I look like on the website?”

She chimed in, ” Just like that.”

“Did I have a big nose?”

“Nooooo,” she and her brother said, in between their giggles.  ” You don’t have a big nose, but mine is definitely smaller,” Charis added.

“And pink hair, did I have pink hair?”

“Nooo,” they both laughed.

As I sighed a sigh of relief, the session began…filled with giggles and the cutest dimply smile.

We chased the waves, threw rocks back to the sea, and covered ourselves in sand…it was a perfect way to end the day.Check out that smile!!!! It’s soooo contagious!Meet Enoch…the newest edition!  Look at those lips!

This one just makes my heart melt.  Gideon and Charis were so thoughtful and loving as they played with each other throughout the entire session… but look at Charis holding her baby brother’s hand (I can already here you say “aawwe”).

This one cracks me up!!!  These are Gideon’s silly faces…

and then it was Charis’ turn.

I so did not expect to get soaked on this one, but Gideon got me GOOD!  I did ask for it…


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