Strawberry Salsa & Apple Chips

I picked this recipe up from a local chef when we lived in downtown Cleveland.  For lack of a better name…I am calling it Strawberry Salsa and Apple Chips.

Get ready…this is all you will need:

Fresh Strawberries


Strawberry Jelly (2 Tablespoons per quart)

Side note: Strawberries are early this year thanks to the mild winter and warm spring in Boston.  So I biked on over to my local farmer’s market for the strawberries. When you buy local from farmers you can usually count on the produce to be bursting with flavor and nutrients because they have been picked at peak ripeness and haven’t been chemically ripened or sitting in a warehouse. The strawberries I bought were so juicy and sweet. I almost ate a whole container before I even started the recipe.  Lucky for me, I bought a backup.

The Salsa:

Simply remove the stems from a quart or two of strawberries.

Chop the strawberries finely until they are juicing all over the place. Sure you can stick them through a food processor, or you can take this tip from the Cleveland chef:  To chop your strawberries fast, use two large knives and “karate” chop the strawberries moving back and forth across the pile.  You are going to look so profesh!

Add 2 Tablespoons of jelly per quart of strawberries.  If you are using strawberries that are not quite ripe and a little sour, just add a little bit of sugar, or honey.

The Chips:

Thinly slice each apple into round medallions. To keep from browning, brush with a little lemon juice.

Eat it as a snack or serve it as a dessert at your next picnic.




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