Little One Lovin it’ Edition | Ideas for your little Artist

This Lovin’ It edition is all about your little artists and their masterpieces! Check out some of these rad ideas…

Mini Masterpiece Photobooks

This one is for the artwork…the masterpieces that cover your fridge and eventually get placed in boxes because you can’t dream of throwing away the first grade portrait with two bigs eyes and a huge smiley.

Liz over at Paislee Press designed a beautiful photobook for Shutterfly called Mini Masterpieces that showcases your child’s artwork. “The style includes 20+ idea pages, with predesigned photo layouts, title placement and even journaling prompts. ” You can simply upload photographs of their work and insert or use the customize mode to make it all your own.

(images Copyright © Liz Tamanaha/Paislee Press)

Oh and if you love all things scrapbooking, visit her site : Paislee Press her album designs are B E A utiful!


Makedo : How to make anything out of a Cardboard Box

Sometimes the best part of the gift is the enormous box it came in!  But turning that box into a fort, astronaut costume, or airplane is sometimes difficult for your little one. Masking tape doesn’t hold on the airplane wing, unless you mummify the plane, and duck tape is well…so sticky it rarely gets to its proper place before sticking to them, their fingers, or itself.

Introducing Makedo, ” a connector system that enables materials including cardboard, plastic and fabric to easily join together to form new objects or structures.” Way cool right?!  It’s so simple yet genius! You can make cars, robots, costumes, forts, etc.

Check it out…


Art on the Walls

Enormous chalk board and coloring book walls! Love love LOVE.

You can find coloring wall paper over at Bodie and Fou.  I am still on the hung though for the jungle wall paper above :(


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