Just You and me… and Andrea Bocelli

Dear Matt

I am sure you will remember…

we were halfway across the Tapanzee Bridge when traffic came to a dead stop.  We sat and sat watching the minutes pass and the clock strike midnight.  And then Andrea Bocelli happened on shuffle.

The orchestra began to play that familiar melody and you…you began to sway and prep your voice, just like you did when we were in high school.  The parking lot of cars on the Tapanzee, the road workers…it all began to fade away as a huge smile came across my face anticipating your first Italian words.

And one would think that after 9 years you would have picked up some of the Italian lyrics besides Vivere…but honestly, I am glad you haven’t.  Because the made up babble and face reddening belts of Vivere bring me to hysterical laughter and tears every single time.

I never want to forget these moments with you…when you sing so hard your voice turns hoarse… and our voices join with Bocelli’s to drown out the car-filled streets.

And for those of you that have never  heard “Vivere”…..enjoy (this one has English too, but I prefer it just in Italian)




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