Baby’s First Year: When to have your little one photographed

It’s going to go by so fast.  One moment your baby will be giving you their first toothless smile.. and the next they will be furniture-walking towards the dog. Since everyday brings new beginnings, how do you know when to have your baby professionally photographed? This is my answer to expecting parents…

Yes, you read that correctly. If you want newborn pictures, the best  time to photograph your newborn baby boy or girl is before they are two weeks old.  The sweet spot is 5-7 days old.

Why so early?

Sometimes us baby photographers joke that we will follow you home from the hospital. Because before two weeks old your newborn is very sleepy and still likes being curled up like they were in your womb. Their skin is silky smooth and usually clear of “baby acne” and their reflexes are not stirring them yet in their sleep.

After two weeks, your little one will begin to sleep less as they explore the world around them.  They will also “stiffen” and sleep with their arms like a helicopter and with their legs out-streched making curled up and sleepy photos less possible.

So you will want to book a newborn session during your pregnancy which will reserve a time slot for whenever your little one arrives.

Giggles, coos of joy, and belly laughs are filling your home at this time. Your baby is intrigued by all of the details around them and they choose to experience the world by stuffing whatever they can get their hands on in their mouth. They are beginning to twist, turn, and roll onto their belly to find their favorite toy.  And it won’t be long before they scoot across the floor.  It is a season of firsts as they eat their first crackers and touch everything within your home.

I always recommend capturing your baby at 6 months or if your baby can’t sit up then, waiting until they can. This is a season when your baby will love giving smiles and giggles.  They will be rolling, eating their first solids, and really starting to show their personality as they interact with you and the world around them. They can also sit up on their own…which means photographers can begin to capture them in settings besides the bed, floor, and in your arms.


The months are going to fly by…and before you can believe it your baby will be turning 1! This day should be celebrated with sprinkles and a cherry on top.

Some families like to simply capture their now walking toddler, others choose to get messy with a cupcake smash or a baby painting on canvas. Whatever you choose…your now toddler will provide the photographer with adorable and sometimes funny expressions.

I recently started offering to expecting parents a baby plan package that makes it easy to capture these milestones that take place during your baby’s first year. You can find more information about the baby plan package right here.

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