Ralphie + Walter | How it all began

It started out as just an idea, A Make Way for Ducklings session styled after the famous Robert McCloskey children’s story, and then it turned into a wild duck chase…quite literally.

The session was schedule to take place in the Boston Public Gardens. The very setting that Robert McCloskey made home for Mr. and Mrs. Mallard duck and their six baby ducklings.  All I needed were ducklings!

I researched duck pull toys and was left unsatisfied. I had the thought to make my own pull toy, but realized it would just turn into a bad Pinterest project. I was stumped until a friend suggest the use of live ducks. I hesitated on the idea, but not long enough.  It was a great! I would purchase the ducks, take care of them for a week or so and then donate them to a local farm.

And so the duck chase began…and this is how it went.


I can order them online! Really?!

No, that would take weeks plus it just sounds odd.

So where can I buy them in Massachusetts?

I have to buy a minimum of 12 ducks in Massachusetts!

What about New Hampshire?

They have a minimum of 6! (Now there are 6 ducklings in the book but a voice of reason said that I just couldn’t  handle six ducks in a downtown apartment!)

Ah, Connecticut.

They have a minimum of 2.  Two I can handle.

So off I drove (2 hours) to Connecticut where I purchased: 2 ducks and a 50 pound bag of feed.  ( I know….what was I thinking!)

I didn’t start to question my plan until I was an hour and half into my ride back to Boston. The ducks cute little chirp turned into a  ear breaking squawk.  It was at that point that I realized this could either be one of those great ideas…or the session could be a total flop (the feeling reminded me a lot of Art School projects that walked the same fine line).

Today is one week later.  The pampered ducks have taken over our bathroom. The bath tub has become a playtime swimming pool, and the room has turned into a sauna (baby ducks need 95 degree weather)!  They are adorable but have a stench that reminds me of my childhood guinea pig after a month without cleaning, just add 95 degrees to that stench and you will be gagging.

It has only taken them a few days to title me mommy duck.  I know…so cute, but they won’t let me leave the room.  Their happy chirps turn into high pitched cries until they either hear my voice or see my face.

Oh, and they follow me if I let them out of their crate.  Which is so soo cute until you have to photograph them.  Yes, their attachment made a child photography session really very VERY difficult.  I would place them down next to the little girl, run away a few feet to get the picture only to turn around and find them at my feet.

My husband wanted to take them out of their crate last night and just let them wander.  Ralphie and Walter the baby ducks followed Papa duck over to the couch where they sat on his slippers.  I would have been ooing and ahing at the cuteness, but instead I was following them close behind spraying Fantastic on their poop trail. I cannot believe how much they poop.  I mean every few baby duck feet they leave something behind!

We have watched them learn how to swim…first backwards, dive underwater, flap their cute little baby wings, and hop up onto our laps.  Many have asked us if it will be hard to get rid of them.  While they are very cute..I just can’t keep this up in a downtown Boston apartment. I really do want my bathroom and bath tub back and they really do need to be on a farm as they grow.

So after 20 something phone calls and three days of calling to farm after zoo after farm, Ralphie and Walter will have a new home at a lovely farm in Hingham. Thank you God that we found them a home…because honestly I was reaching a melt down and was having nightmares of raising 2 full grown ducks in our tiny apartment.

I will bring the camera for the drop off and document any possible tears…I mean after all I am their “mother.”

Want to see these little guys take a bath!! Check out bath time here.


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