Off to the Farm | The Ducks

The ducks took their morning bath, we snapped a few pictures and then set off to the farm.

We pulled into a rundown farm stand in Hingham and parked the car.  A rooster was burrowing in the drive next to an old broken down fire truck and scraps.  The petting zoo was home to a donkey and a few sheep that couldn’t be seen past their matted layers of wool caked with mud.  The donkey seemed pleasant and didn’t mind being a moving target for the 8 year old boys that came to visit. The barn stalls were no larger than my city apartment bathroom.  It was at this point that my momma duck instincts kicked in…we climbed back into the car and drove away with the ducks still chirping away on our back seat. There was no way we were donating the ducks to that farm.

Luckily, I had a back up farm on the list.  It was just another 30 minutes South.

We pulled into farm number two and both exhaled a sigh of relief.  There were fields, flowers, apple trees, a pond, and a beautiful barn.  A father and his little girl welcomed us, or the ducks, with excitement.

So Ralphie and Walter have a new little friend, or momma, with freckles and a pony tail.  I just know that they are going to have a blast following her around the farm.

Where there tears? No, no tears…but Matt did chuckle as we hopped in the car and he turned to find my bottom lip turned down and into a pout.

I then replied…we will just have to get a puppy.


If you would like to visit Ralphie and Walter, drive on down to C.N. Smith Farms this fall to pick your own apples and visit the animals. It really is a beautiful farm with the nicest owners.

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