Keith & Sarah

I was and 800 miles away when I first heard about Keith and Sarah. Words like “head over heels, puppy dog love, and completely smitten” came across the phone line.  “Oh, and giggles” my mom would add (you know the kind where you giggle in place of words with a grin from ear to ear because you have such a crush).

It was hard for me to believe.  I kept thinking…My brother? are you sure you are talking about Keith?

So when it came time to for Thanksgiving…I was excited to see for myself.  I remember staring out the window, as we drove through the night across the states to Holland, Michigan, wondering the whole time if it was true.

And sure enough, Keith greeted us with the biggest glossy-eyed, love struck grin… and then she entered the room. And I saw it.

I had never seen his face light up that way…and that’s when I knew, when we all knew that a wedding was just around the corner.

Sarah you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Love those shoes!Love these next two! Sarah you are radiant and I love LOVE how you snuck us into this location (it was sooo windy outside).Can I get a whistle?!  Now that is attitude.
Keith, you were looking pretty fine yourself :)

We stopped to get a little snack in downtown Holland.  Thank you Kilwins for the amazing fudge (Keith’s fav.) and for letting us go behind the scenes for a few pics!
Keith you have found a  B E A utiful women with a heart that matches.And we can’t forget Evalyn! This is one very blessed little girl.  (Keith was also blessed as that diaper of hers sure smelled but thankfully didn’t explode during these pics. Note to self : don’t forget the diaper bag)And let the party begin!!!



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