5 ways ProPhoto helped me brand my business

I recently just finished giving my website and blog a facelift…or better said an extreme makeover using the ProPhoto customizable site theme.   ProPhoto made it super easy to customize my site through the use of controls and hundreds of point and click options. They helped me go from bland to branded. So if you haven’t had a chance, go ahead and check out the new look.

Each detail on my site is all about who I am as a person and as a photographer. Why?  Because when clients book a session, they get me- goofy, smiley, sometimes quirky…Cassandra. My work is a reflection of my personality. So my logo, the layout, the color scheme is all designed to give clients a sneak peak into my life, my likes, and my style. ProPhoto helps me do that.

ProPhoto is an easy-to-use tool that allows me create a one of a kind site…all by myself. And I don’t need to know coding! So every color, image, menu, gallery, header, widget… was designed by yours truly.  And it was easy (and I am not tech savvy)!

Here are 5 ways that ProPhoto helped me brand my website and blog.

1. You can upload an image just about anywhere!

Many of you have been asking about the designer of the  “elephant” logo and the hand drawn images throughout the site. These hand drawn images play a HUGE part in my branding.  To answer the question… I drew them, but ProPhoto made it super easy to incorporate them throughout my site. The sketches speak to a playful “Silverstienish” part of me that loves to draw and paint when I am not holding a camera.  If you look around the site you will find hand drawn uploaded images just about everywhere- in my menu, in my contact section, beneath each post in the call to action links (Pin it, Share it on Facebook, etc.), as title backgrounds, and many… many other places.

2. Use a template or make it your own!

ProPhoto does provide templates, but you can also choose to build and create your own template.  This is what I chose to do.

I love white.  White dishes, white walls, white furniture. white clothes.  Because it is simple, clean, and everything goes with white. Hence, the website is white! But yours doesn’t have to be. Go ahead and style yours after you.  Choose color, a damask wallpaper background, or make it look like a magazine.  For me it was a clean, simple, white website and blog that highlighted the rolly polly babies, silly children, and beautiful families I photograph.

3. Showcase LARGE photos!

ProPhoto was designed to help photographers showcase their work. Take a scroll through the blog and you will see large images, not thumbnails, that allow me to show off the beauty of each family I photograph.  Each session that I post speaks to the branding of Cassandra Plummer Photography- my style, what the sessions are like, and how much fun we have together.  ProPhoto helps me communicate all of that with large impressive images.

4. Connect to Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all ways that clients can connect with me on a daily basis.  ProPhoto enables me to use my blog to connect to social media platforms in a variety of ways.

5. Impressive Galleries.

I can create impressive and easy-to-use galleries and slideshows to showcase my work with ProPhoto.  My favorite is the Lightbox Gallery…which you can see here in my portfolio or here “In the Kitchen.”  I love to bake, cook and share it with my readers. The lightbox gallery allows me to create a thumbnail recipe index…which is perfect for figuring out what recipe your belly is growling to eat.

If you haven’t yet, go check out the ProPhoto site.  I am seriously head over heels in love with it.  And theie staff, is simply amazing! Really, like Apple amazing.

If you have more questions about how I used ProPhoto to customize my site, please leave a note below…and I will do my best to answer :)


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