Newborn Session Tips

There is beauty in each small detail. From their teeny noses and fingers to peachy smooth skin.  They are so incredibly small in every way.  And they already have a little personality in how thy sneeze, cuddle, and fall asleep.  It is a fleeting time to be remembered before they grow in their adorable baby rolls and scoot across your kitchen floor.

During newborn sessions, I come right to your home to photograph your new addition.  Here are some helpful tips for your upcoming newborn session.

1. Get excited….you don’t need to clean your house!

2. Turn up the heat to the mid eighties.  Yes, we will both be sweating, but your newborn will be sound asleep.

3. Top off the tank.  Feed your little milk monster right before your session begins and if possible have a bottle on hand.

4. Burp your little one after they are done feeding to remove any tummy gas bubbles.

5. Loosen the diaper 30 minutes before your session begins.  This will keep away any diaper crease lines.

6. Call home to grandma and grandpa and ask for any keepsakes and family heirlooms like rattles, booties, and blankets.

7. Somebody will get wet.  Your newborn will be posed mostly in their birthday suit…so yes, somebody(most likely me) or the blankets will get wet.

8. It takes time.  Your newborn doesn’t quite have a schedule yet, as you may already know. Don’t worry if your newborn takes a little or even a long while to fall asleep during your session. It is expected and simply means more cuddling time :) This is why your session may last between 1 and 3 hours.

9. Sleepy eyes.  Newborns are best photographed with their eyes closed.  One reason being that their eyes struggle to yet track together and easily end up crossed.

10.  Booking your session.  Newborns are best photographed before they are 14 days old and optimally before they are 10 days old.  During the first two weeks of life your newborn will be very sleepy and curl up easily.  After 14 days your newborn will begin to put on more weight resulting in more activity.

*Here at Cassandra Plummer Photography, you can book your session in advance.  Simply let me know your due date and I will reserve a time frame for you.


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