Good Morning | Boston Family Photographer

It’s morning snuggles, waffles and blueberries, the cutest bed-head curls you have ever seen…it’s just a mama and her boys waking up and starting their day.

*It’s a also a glimpse into the soon to be announced mother’s day package!  A package that captures the beauty of what you see everyday…in your kitchen, underneath the living room fort, or snuggled into the pillows and blankets. Just you mom and your little ones.


She opened the door and said, “come on in and up the stairs… we are just getting up.”  I could hear the pitter-pattering of feet as I walked up the stairs.  Jake waddled in just his diaper behind his older brother.  Sweetie the stuffed puppy woke up from her long night of sleep a little hungry…so mom suggested it was time for breakfast.  Waffles were on the menu…one of my favorites! Sweetie was so excited that she leapt down the entire flight of stairs to the kitchen!  She and Jake sat together on the kitchen floor and waited for mommy to warm the milk, wash the blueberries, and make the waffles. It was a wonderful way to start the day.

Check out those curls…and that smile!

Waffles with applesauce…I had no idea that anyone else did this! Sooo good :)I so enjoyed watching Sarah sing praise songs with her boys and read the Bible together.  For a moment I was back in my mom’s kitchen listening to her read.

And of course there was plenty of snuggle time!

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