Laughter, Harvard Square, & Iced Coffee | Courtney + Jon

Have you ever laughed so hard that your face hurts?  It happened while I was with Courtney and Jon.  They leak joy and have stories that will make your cheeks hurt.  Halfway through their session I began to massage my face out of its permenant smile…I just needed it to relax for one moment.

Laughter…it’s really how it all started.  Well at least the version that John tells…

It was on a summer Friday night, three years ago, when the buzzer rang and Courtney went to the door.  There she found Jon standing outside.  She was having friends over for Bible Study, but she assumed John was destined for the party upstairs.  Thinking he hit the wrong buzzer, she turned around ,and as Jon claims,…slammed the door in his face as he attempted to enter for Bible Study.  But Courtney will chime in laughing and saying, “that is totally false.”

Love love this one!Courtney…stunning :)


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